Received gd news from the school which I was previously teaching that my students did very well for their final yr exams. Out of the 40 students, 2 failed. One third scored 60 marks and above. Had a sense of satisfication for seeing them thru’ their Sec 1 education.

Though I only taught them for 7mths.

Initial when I took over the resposibility from the relief teacher who created a big mess, I was thinking how could I savage wif all the mess made. Thank God, He enable me to do it.

Having a HOD who is not so demanding also helped me to cope wif the tremendous stress. Ironically when my HOD din give me stress, I was able to produce a good equality piece of work. Most of class tests, was vetted thru once wif very minor corrections. Example, wrong spellings, missing words etc. Even the Mid-Year Exam papers was vetted thru by my HOD wif credit.

Before, I left for my current job I received news tat a female teacher will be taking over my job. I was relieved to know that she is a very responsible teacher from IE. I was right, she got all the energy and enthusiasm. I’m sure the students had benefitted much from her passion for teaching. That why they did so well for their final year exams. Keep up the gd works, Pei Ch**!

I still miss teaching in Y Secondary School…


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