Times flies when you are busy wif so many things to do. Haven’t being blogging for the last few days… I was tied down wif my work and ministry. Din have much sleep the last few nites. Kinda got sore throat due to lack of sleep.

Finally, manage to finish the powerpt presentation for 2nd Nov. No more stress for the presentation till the actual day.

Manage to catch the movie, ‘Below’ yesterday wif my colleague. The storyline was rather weak. The 1st one hr, I was still trying to figure out what was it trying to communicate. Towards, the last 45mins I finally understood what the director wants to tell the audience. Those who wants a stronger plot shld opt for ‘Red Dragon’, at least, it better than ‘Below’. Furthermove, Anthony Hopkins was in the movie. Personality, I think he is a very refined actor. He acted tremendously well in ‘Slients of the Lamb’ and ‘Hannibal’.

Anyone keen in joining me for tat movie next wk?

One more hr plus more before I leave office… No program tonite, coz CG was cancelled. Boo Hoo! That is the one of the highlights of the wk. I guess I will be back home watchin ‘Zhen Qin’ again.

How’s ur wk, bloggers?

Added Eunice to Links…Drop by at her blog to noe this interesting lady!

Added TheGuy to Links… pop by at his ‘home’. A guy based in Singapore, made in Malaysia. I’m sure u will enjoy ur little stay at his ‘house’.


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