What a day! Was out with the PSMers for almost the whole day.

It’s the PSM(Post Secondary Ministry) outing. The program was to have a few session of bowling, continue to dinner and some fellowship before we called it a day.

Initially, we wanted to bowl at Jackie’s bowl… but it was a let down. Reason being we had to wait till 6pm to have a line. And we were there at 3pm. 3hrs of waiting, that’s absurd! Everyone’s spirt was abit diminished but not died. Hence, decide to head down to Leisure Park. There were at least a few choices of recreation. Thk God.

When we reached there, we were able to obtain 2 lanes. That’s much better than in Jackie’s. I was out of form today. The 2 games which I played din come close to my average score. Despite of that, we had loads of fun and laughters. Well, for what I noe I am not the last few to finish (Evil laughter~!)

Headed down to Suntec for our dinner… Wow, it’s crowded. Every restaurant was packed wif pple. Couldn’t decide what to eat…(As usual, for a big group.) Thus, Raymond came to the resuce. We had out dinner at Fiesta. One of my favourites, coz it’s Japanese Food. We sat outside e restaurant, quite nice. I got to see the ‘Fountain of Wealth’. I had my simple Katsudon (Normally, I will eat this.)

After dinner, we went up to level 1 to view the laser display. While e rest of them carried on wif the fellowship. I need to rush off to collect my documents from my colleague. Need to rush thru the paperwork tomolo.

She gave me a gift. Wow, it really extravagant! A Guess watch, I liked it very much. Gonna buy her a gift to thks her in return. Thk God for pple, like her who is so nice to me. Really thk God, for providing such pple into my life.

Oh yeah. Thk FY for organising the whole event. And the rest of e pple who came to outing. Each of you played an impt role in contributing to the outing. Praise God for your presence.

Time for me to hit the sack! Nitez!


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