Carol, you are been added to my links… dream together wif her in her butterfly dreamz.

Rush down today to meet her, to collect her handmade bags. Although I din see the bags physically, I believed and trusted that they were made wif lots of blood, sweat and hearts. Thank you for taking time to wrap them up. I appreciated ur effort and time.

I’m am very impressed by ladies who are talented in either handicrafts or in terms of cooking. I guessed it’s b’coz I’m living in S’pore. Most of the ladies, here are juz too busy pursuing other things, rather than those I mentioned earlier. Ladies, dun get me wrong. There is a plc to pursue higher education. I am juz sayin, it will be a bonus if a woman knows how to cook or knit. I find that ladies who are excel in their studies and homemaking very attractive. (A rare jewel in S’pore!)

Her hubby, is truely blessed to have her as a wife. Praise God for the marriage!

One of the bags are meant for my colleague. The other one is for her. Her bday is approaching.

Preparing to obtain my powered craft licence by end of these yr. Call up the SAFYC office in the afternoon, to acquire more detail information abt the course. Realised that I need to plan my time-table well in order to attend the course. After the course, 1 wk later theory test, another wk later practical test. My God, my wkends will be so packed till e end of the yr…

Received a offer letter from SIM Open Uni, informing me that I am being accepted into the course of my selection. My couse will commence in Jan 2003. I’m trilled to know that I will be hitting the bks after 3 yrs of break from NS. Another thing which I am thankful of is I am exempted for 2 modules. Meaning I will saved 3.1K. Hmm… I think I will be ending the Yr 2002 wif a big bang! Yr 2003 will be a even more exciting yr, need to juggle btw work, ministry & studies.

Ok, gonna to do my daily workout…Ciao. Have a blessed nitez~!


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