The chalet was superb… We had a Ra ra session of ice-breakers… played games like ‘Tazan, Jane, Gorilla’ Had a hilralous time. It’s really comical to see how pple did e actions. The other games was ‘Running Scissor, Paper and Stone’ Kinda of fun see pple running around from pt to pt challenging each other.

At 2pm we checked into our chalet B5. The chalet was rather small to accomdate 20 over of us but we weren’t bother by it. Initially, Jeff was rather bother by the space contraint coz KY will be here to lead us into a time of worship and exaltation to our Lord. Jeff’s worry wasn’t an issue ‘coz all of us wasn’t affected by the limitation of space. Our focus was to praise and worship God.

KY took a passenge from Matthew 2:1-12 . I was personally, ministered by message and the worship. My spirit was drawn closer to God. I believed my other bros and sisters in Christ to had be ministered. Later in the evening, our BBQ started… The best part abt BBQ is not the food, rather the process of BBQing for pple. Receiving compliements from pple had filled my stomach. I din feel hungry.

The highlight of the nite was a time of mind-teasing games. Anyone knows the game ‘Polar Bear’. Those who stayed awake playing the game must had killed alot of brain cells trying to figure to out who were the polar bears.

At 4plus, some of us had already knocked out. While some of us refused to let the nite just slipped away. I think age had caught up wif me, I couldn’t stay awake. The moment hit the ground, I was asleep. The next moment, I realised it’s 7plus. Was awaked by voices… can’t forced myself to sleep when there are pple ard, seeing me sleep in such a pathetic state.

We headed to Mac for our breakfast. Praise God for those pple who went for breakfast. I realised our relationship had moved a step closer. Knowing each other better, will help and enable us to compliment each other’s flaws. I really thanked God for the opportunity to know so many pple thru’ this chalet.

Heading home straight. Dumped my dirty landuary into the washing machine. Hang them up. Hit the slumberland again. Was awaken by my dad, at 4plus. Had a little chat wif him. Then, knocked out for awhile.

Dad and I went for the salon together, it was a rare occasion. Kinda of funny having both father and son goin to the salon togther. Even the lady boss was surprised by it. Anyway, I had my haircut while dad had his hair washed. Had our dinner after that. I guessed it the man bonding, as I grew older my relationship wif him improved. Maybe, it’s b’coz I had grown more mature. I’m sure it also God who had involved Himself into our relationship. Praise be to the Lord Almighty.

There were some pple I would like to thank for making my wkend a fruitful and enjoyable one.

Thanks Jeff for organising the chalet without ur initiative we hold not have so much fun.

Thanks Jac for being the quiet Stage Manage who sacrifice ur time and effort to make sure we had a time in chalet.

Thanks Mike for ur family, especially ur son. He brought out the kid in everyone’s heart. We had a great time playing wif him.

There were just so many pple I’m thankful for… without all of ur fun and laughters the whole event will be a flop. I just can’t stop thanking all of u. The last person, I would like to thank is Jesus. Without Him, I would not know all of u and our paths will never crossed.

How abt the rest of u bloggers… anyone in ur life u think u ought to thank but din. Maybe, it’s gd to either write or tell the person u acknowledge their contribuation in ur life. Nitez…


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