Happy Birthday to Myself… One more year old liao. Must be more sensible…

Had a wonderful celebration just now with my CG(Covanant Group) + a guest from another CG, Eve. The whole CG celebrate my CGL and my birthday together. Have a very sumpteous dinner just now. Everyone had different kind of dish. Some Japanese food, some Western food. All of us was so full until our tummies start to come out…(Evil laughters…) Our two sweet sisters went to get the cake while the rest of the guys were busy idling… felt very comfortable in our sitting position. Hey, thanks sisters.

We had to go somewhere else to celebrate the cake coz there was a sign saying “No outside food allowed”. Furthermore, pple are waiting to get seats. We found one corner of Jurong pt where there is this store which do Wax-hand service. Anyway, the whole group of them(CG) sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. It was so embarssing wif everyone there looking at both Josh and me. It’s a good thing I got Josh to accompany me if not… I wouldn’t know where to bury my head.

Eve and Jas were such wonderful sisters. They helped to cut and distribute the cakes. However, there was a little accident. Eve dropped a lump of cream onto our dear bday boy, Josh. Thanked God, it wasn’t a hugh lump or else Josh would have to wash his pants.

Then Eric suggested Josh and me to go for the Wax-service. I did the mould of a pair of prayer hands while Josh did the fists mould. I regretted abit on the color of the base. I should have choose blue instead of yellow. Well, what is done cannot be undone. I still like my mould.

Thanks Eric for such a unique piece of present. I will rememeber it.

Thanks everyone for tonight. It had being a wonderful evening. It had been a long time since I actually celebrated my bday. All of you are like angels God bestowed upon me. I thanked God for your love and encouragement to my life.

I will post the pics once I finished download them.

Will be going out to meet another fren for supper… Wow, this wk had being really bad. Little exercise, alot of food taken…

Tomolo another round of feasting~! Enjoy ur wkend bloggers!


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