Came back not too long ago… Still feeling bloated wif all the good food. Meet wif my old kakis. Or rather, these people were the very ones whom i knew when i was a very young christian. 8 over years had passed us so quickly. We used to be young and innocent secondary, JC students then.

Anyway, we meet at Seah Street Deli(Our usual hangout for several years). It’s located in Raffles Hotel if anyone is interested. Quite a lovely plc. After so many years, I still enjoy going there… I guess it’s b’coz of service and the many memories created there. Food is good and not very expensive. Ideal for couples or group gathering.

It was enjoyable time of catching up… It’s quite amazing… from gd frens to couples. There were two couples in the midst of all of us. Praise God for the four of them. Ling & Qi, Yin & Sheng(Their full names are not mention to protect their identifies)

Ling & Qi gave me a book titled ‘He Chose e Nails’ by Max Lucado. An excellent author. I strongly recommend christians to read his books. Yu and Ken gave a card each to encourage and wish me ‘Happy Birthday’ … Yin, Sheng and Hao treated me to tonite’s dinner.

After that, we went to BK instead of the plc suggested by Yu coz some of us were on budget. Sorry ladies to disappoint you maybe next time. Hao went to buy a small cake to celebrate Moi’s bday. Good Heaven, when they start singing ‘Happy Birthday’ song. They were so excited that they actually so loud. The best part is they yelled out my name. Boy~! I sweared the pple in whole BK can hear my NAME. Can you imagine, all the 20plus guys and gals did tat… It’s comical~! Ling took a few pics of me. When I looked at the cake, making a bday wish/prayer and blowing of the candle. After I took my 1st bite, a little boy came over our table and wished me ‘Happy Birthday’. I was pleasantly surprised. Ling took his pic. His elder bro came over shortly to wished me as well. Too bad din manage to get the elder boy’s pic. Kids are God’s given angels to man. The two boys ran back to their parents after wishing me. Before they left, their mommy said ‘Happy Birthday’ to me as well. I was being touched by her. I think she suggested to her two boys to come over to wish me. Then she did the same. Thank God for this lady. I was beyond words. I returned her a big ‘Thank You’.

The highlight of the nite was not just my bday but oso Ken’s. ‘Coz he was recently attached. Poor guy~! Was interrogated by the ladies… What, When, Where, How… I was spared. Ha ha ha~!

Thanks Everyone who had spent ur precious evening wif MOi. Without all of you. My evening will be spent alone like I was in army. 3 lonely yrs of bday in army. Loser~!

I think it’s the best bday celebration I had thus so far. Tomolo another rd of celebration wif a wonderful and lovely sister, Ying~! I looking forward to meet her.

My God, the whole week din exercise at all. I think I getting FAT. Okie need to catch some sleep, meetin her tomolo for church service.

Oops forgot to mention someone. Seetoh, thanks for taking time to bake the muffins. They are tasted quite gd though still can’t be compared to the ones in the market. I appreciated them, ‘coz they are filled wif ur hardwork and love.


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