The last 2 dayz of power craft course was tremedously exciting. For a person who had experience with driving and riding… it’s a totally new experience.

Everyone of us there are all inexperience batch. The age range from maybe 19 to 40plus… all came to learn with different motives but a common goal. Our instructor was Major David. He is a very joyous and friendly guy. He made the whole lesson less boring… Day 1(Yesterday), I learnt abt the Nautical Terms, Equipment, Mechanical & Electrical Equipement, Regulations for Preveting Collisions at Sea, Pleasure Craft Regulations and Singapore Port Regulations.

And all of these are covered in 3~4 months in the Navy. He covered it in 5 hrs of lecture. God~! Somemore, we are equally taught as the sailors. Oh l learned a term which it was very interesting. In the Navy, they refered ‘Vessel’ as ‘Her’ or ‘She’. Thus, those people male counterparts called themselves, ‘Gentlemen’. Isn’t it funny. Haiz, how come the Navy din want me 3yrs ago when I wanted to be Navy officer. Or else, I will be a gentleman.(Stupid~!)

In the afternoon, it was pouring cats and dogs. Furthermore, there was lighting. Most of us thought, it was gone case. We can’t have our practical. However, it stopped later on in the late afternoon. Because of that we were a hr behind the schedule. Nevertheless, we are still excited that we can still drive the boat. Our instructor for the boat was Major Ong, he was a very patience and funny guy. Though he had retired from the Navy, he still loves the sea. We learnt how to perform rescue for ‘Man Overboard’. parking our boat from ‘Port Side’ and ‘Starboard Side’. For me, blessed with knowing how to ride and drive it was quite easy. It required me to have a very good sense of direction… five of us took turns to perform the required lesson. I must say all of us were quite competent. Even for the two ladies on board. After the evening approached, I had the opportunity to park the boat back to the starting bay. It was pretty cool.

Day 2(Today), I learnt abt Charts, Buoys, Beacons & Lighthouses Emergencies and the Hints for Exams. It not easy to read the maps or charts of the Navigation. There were so many things I needed to know. Eg. calculating the longitude and latitude. reconigisng the symbols in the seas…. blah blah blah… it was coverd in the Navy for another 4~5 mths.

In the afternoon, I had to do the revision of yesterday’s practical in the test area. It was easy trying to park the boat when the wave and wind is going against your direction. Major David gave me and the rest of the crew some very impt pointers. It really helped us alot. When all of us finished our practical training. We heard for our starting bay. Ha ha~! I got the opportunity to park the boat again. This time rd, I was more competent compared to yesterday nite.

After taking our 5 mins break, we headed to a bigger vessel which will take us to round Seletar Island. Boy~! The vessels were really powerful. We were racing at 18 knots per hr. The feeling of wind blowing across my face was so shiok. I enjoyed this kind of feeling coz it reminded me of freedom. Everyone on board rotate to have control over the boat. When my turn came, i was on cloud nine.

Before we returned back to our training center, we had the opportiunity to stop by a Kelong.The people in the kelong had simple lifestyle. Not like city-landers, who had to worry abt the daily necessarities of life here. We had some coffee prepared by the owner. The coffee was very well brewed.

We bidded the owner goodbye after we toured rd his kelong. The return trip was short. After we alighted from the boat, I headed straight to the admin office to collect my cerf. This cerf however, don’t qualify me to drive a speedboat. It only enable me to book my theory test which is next wk. I hoped I can pass the test at one go. Wish me the best~! If I pass, I will be taking my practical test 3~4 wks later.

How is ur wkend bloggers~?

P.S.: Apologised for the long blog. Actually, I wanted to blog more… but I think u guys will fall asleep reading all the technical aspects of the course I attended. 🙂

P.P.S: Happy Birthday to Ennie & Rainia~!


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