Stealing some time from my work to blog. Just completed some of my work.

Some updates of what happened yesterday.

Part 1

Went down to meet up wif Tanya to collect another bag for one of my gal friends. The time round I wasn’t so rush. I was late coz I wasn’t riding these days. It’s too dangerous to ride when it rained so heavily the past few days. Before meeting her, went over to Deli France to get her a chocolate pastry. Must reward her for wrapping up the gift and travelling all the way from her home to meet me.

Managed to strike up a little chat with her. Topics revolved a little bit abt her life and mine.

Got seet the design of the bag physically. The fabric used was very chic. This lady is very detail-minded even a wrong knot tied she bothered to make it right. Praise God for this lady. I went off to meet up with my old friends once she was done. While going down the escalator, I realised I didn’t pay her for the purchase of the bag. (Forgetful me~!)

Quickly, called her on her mobile to ask for her whereabout. She was still at the same spot admiring the decors and a sparkling lightings hung on the trees in Orchard. I apologised for my forgetfulness. She told me she didn’t even realise I didn’t pay her. Even if she did she wouldn’t mind to give it to me for free because of our friendship.(I’m touched by her kind words~!) I, however, still stick to my principle. Business is business, if you want to repay my friendship treat me to a cup of coffee or a meal will be good enuff.

Bidded her goodbye for a second time.

Part 2

Meet up with my old friends for dinner to welcome back, Darren from his studies in Monsah Uni. All of us had being friends since secondary one. Which is coming to 12 years. One of them was my primary classmate, we knew each other for 16 years. How many of you have friends more than 10 years?

Anyway, we had our dinner at the hawker centre near my place. Good choice. ‘Coz the place where I stayed is a food paradise. There are at least 5 Kopitiams and 1 hawker centre at the radius of 200m. Everything here is so convenient. We ordered a spring chicken and some other food to share. I had my hokkien mee while the rest had other very delicious dishes to indulge in.(Burp~! Sorry for my rudness.) Everyone of us are doing quite well on our each individual life.

Oh another good news was Jack got his licence recently. He passed the Traffic Police test the 1st time round. He was also the 1st in the family to be able to drive. Well done, Jack~! Btw, he is also a very handsome guy, has a well-toned body, a swing bachelor.(Any takers? Laughs.) He is consisting getting a 2nd hand car, either Honda or Nissan. Downpayment will be paid by her mum, the rest of the installment he will pay himself. Wow, one lucky guy.

Leaving the two of the five of us still not having any licence. Jun is still too busy to even bother to get his Basic Theory. All of us agreed in unison that he should at least go and obtain his Basic Theory. You never know one day, S’pore may impose new rules that basic theory is valid for 2 years like Advance Theory, Jun was still in his ‘bochap’ mode… his normal operating mode.(Haiz~!)

Heading to Mac to have our little dessert. I had my all time fav, pineapple pie. Continue our conversation… don’t know how come our conversation leaded to ‘Sugar Mummy’ blah blah blah. Peter commented that he don’t mind having one. My God~!(Hello… are you sure?) I told them I was being approached by a more matured lady to be her ‘Sugar Boy’. Jack and Darren were startled. While Peter said that I was one lucky guy. Yeah rite… *Shake head* I told under the influence of alcohol and poor visibility, I think the lady approached me. Btw, the lady who approached me was not some old tai tai. She was quite well-dressed and good figured. If I am older than she is, I would have befriend her.(Nah~! I don’t think so.)

All of us had a good laugh over the incident. Though Jun was quite mum over this topic. Good thing, I didn’t go further to recollect my encounter with a gay approaching me. (I had such interesting life~! Laughs!) Or else I will be the centre of laughters.

Manage to took 2 pics of them. I will upload them once I download into my pc.

Have a good lunch ahead later, fellow bloggers!


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