Another wk had past. 2 1plus more hour and I will be out of my office, to attend my church monthly Pray and Praise.

Tomorrow, I will be having a packed day. I will be attending Shermeen’s wedding. She one of the earliest one to get married from my peers. The last time I recalled was she was still this ‘blur blur’ JC gal struggling between studies and ministry. Now, she is going to be married to this wonderful man. And she is only 24 year old… Wow~! Pretty young.

Her invitation came as a pleasant surprise. It was a month back when I received this sms “I’m getting married on 23rd Nov, are you free to attend? For a moment, I thought I received a wrong sms. I verified with the sender and confirmed it was from the Shermeen I knew 6 years ago. A sister in Christ whom I lost contact when she entered into the University while I still in the Polytechnic. I felt privileged to be invited to her wedding though I barely knew her.

Out of sudden, I remembered she might have lost contact wif alot of us when she moved over to Uni. With her consent, I helped to coordinate with the rest of the gang who she knew. It turned out that there were 8 of us whom she had no contacts wif. Hence, sent out emails to inform the group… everyone was trilled to know her wedding.

Tomorrow, I was be rushing from one place to another. Halfway, through the I need to go off to take my powerboat theory test. Then I will rush back to the wedding again. I think I need to tone down further… Always so busy.

Was interrupted awhile ago to have a durian feast by my colleague. The durians weren’t up to standard. Must go to Geylang to have the Sultan, D24… etc. (Burp…~! Excused me of my rudness) Better go and brush my teeth… don’t want to go to church and caused people to faint by my durian breath(Evil laughters~!)

Have an wonderful weekend ahead bloggers~!


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