What do you do when someone start spreading rumours of you like wild fire? I simply ignore those comments. It made me feel that person is so childish and lack of depth. GROW UP! If the person is a lady, I’ll be very turn off by her even if she is one physically attractive lady. In S’pore term, we called her ‘Chio bu’. This kind of people are the very people whom I can’t stand or tolerant. Can’t handle things like an adult. These kind of people I will be very wary of. ‘Coz you never know when he/she will come stabbing you from behind.

Speaking about the devil, the person just walked passed me… Argh~! Apologised for such strong statements. When I made statements of these, it really means it’s getting into my nerves. Normally, I will be easy-going towards most of the things. I guess I’m a person who can’t tolerant certain untrue remarks made by people who involve other party. I can accept any kind of remarks thrown at me… if you, however, made a comment when I know it’s either not true or destructive to any of my close friends, someone I respect or my dad. Do expect a piece of mind from me.

On a lighter note, today is the last day of the week. I had completed most of my work for the week. What a tiring week. Was down for voice training on Tues… rush home to catch my rest straight after that. Tonight will be down in church to rehearsal the dance step for the finale. 3 more weeks to the Chirstmas Musical. I’m excited.

For all the bloggers out there… you are invited to my church Christmas Musical.

The theme of the musical is called, “Neighbours – through the funnel of time”

The story revolved in 3 families living in the same block, through the life one little girl, the 3 of the families whole prespective of life dramatic changed. The musical will portray the condition of our Singapore. Husbands family working hard to provide for their families. Mothers striving their best to get their children in EM1, Top JCs, Uni. Children desiring care and concern from their parents. Students looking for romance. Loansharks squeezing money out from their debtors. Sisters in rivlary. Economic crisis. Retrechment etc…

Many original songs will be sung, dances will be displayed… Tears will be shed… Come and experience this Christmas in a different manner. Come and see Neighbours.

Click here to see the trailer –> >Neighbours

You will get to play the interactive game as well in this website.

How do you get to my church

Btw, she has moved to a new domain… very nice pink layout.


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