…Kinda of loser having to stay in office… I’m still struck in here. Not that I have alot of work to do, I have long finished my work in the morning… aiyah super bo liao… Somemore, last nitez shoppin was futile… nothing catches my attention. No even tempted to buy anything. Why dun they have bright red shirt for guys?

There was a chinese collar shirt which i wanted to buy but it don’t have my size… X( I guess i will be wearing my working shirt for visitation… well at least, I can save up some money and give a bigger ang bao to my parents.

Can’t wait to eat the reunion dinner wif all my uncles and aunties… imagine I have being doin this for the past 25 years. I still enjoy goin there to catch up wif them. Although every year, i see less and less number of my cousins when they grew older… This year dad is the chief cook for the evening… craving for his dishes. Dun have e opportunity to eat his dishes normally when he is toiling hard outside to bring the dough back. Praise God for giving me such a tremendous loving DAD.

2 more hrs before I official called for the day… time goes by slowly when u have nothing to do…

Horray… my boss just gave me e green light to go… Happy CNY everybody~!

Enjoy ur New Year everyone~!


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