… Just came back awhile ago. Wow all my cousins had grown up. The guys are getting more handsome while the gals are getting prettier… really a pity I forgot to bring my digital camera. Arrgh…

Dad was terribly busy today… single-handedly cook for 20 people. No wonder, he is most talented and skilled in the family. If only I had inherited half of his skills. My dad’s curry(the dry type of curry) is one of the best dishes in the dining table… I totally lost control of my moderate eatin habits… whole night attacking the curry. Too bad, God din give me a big stomach to swallow the whole thing. Hee~!

As usual… been asked by all my aunties… whether I have girlfriend. I just brushed them aside… “I’m not ready yet~!” What my mum said din help. “Dun know why so old already still no girlfriend… not like his younger sister.” Champion man~! What a statement. *Yawns*

You want ur son to have one… it’s so easy… just go and find one… it’s not that ur son can’t find one. He doesn’t want to go and find one for the sake of showing off to the relatives. I dun treat woman as commodities to own or sell. Good heavens~!

Glupped down one can of stout when he challenged me before I left to visit my childhood playmate… One of my wives… think she is my 2nd wife… ha ha ha… those childhood games which we play Marriage (Jie Jie Jou). I remembered I have 7 wives… she is the only one whom i still have contact wif.

My elder cousin teased abt this… even put words into my mouth and said I am still waiting for her. Leaving both of us abit awkward. To break the awkward, we gracefully laughed the matter off. Her elder sister is a beauty… Though she is in her early 30s… she looked like 24~25 years old. I guess it’s her petite frame and her baby face looked. Many ladies out there must had dying to be in her shoes. Think she had inherited her mum’s good genes. Auntie looked like 40s though she is her 50s.

Praise God for creating those kind of people… Had a wonderful time wif the family before I left at 10ish…


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