… How time flies, brother Clarence is leaving and going back to Oz land. This brother had being such a wonderful blessing to the CG. Sharing wif us his Oz jokes… which made some of us blur of awhile. Why is this person speaking in a foreign tongue?!?! Yo Mate~! (Oz slang of calling “Hey, Pal~!”)

The time you spend with us as a CG was fruitful. Thanks for being such a spontaneous and loving brother. I’m sure you will be missed by people like Joshua, Eric, Johnny… blah blah blah… the whole list never ends. We know it’s so difficult for you to go this time round because you missed the comforts and the frenships here… However, pls JIA YOU~! Remember, we are just an icq, msn and email away. Let not the distance affect our frenship… rather like it be a test of our frenship. Most importantly, I know our Lord will take care of you when you are there.

Need to thk Marcus for being so understanding for me to change the appointment venue to Airport instead of the town last min… so that I can bid goodbye to brother Clarence and have dinner with him(Marcus). Killing 2 birds with 1 stone… Hee~!

Have to pass Marcus his super overdue birthday present… Gosh it 5 mths away… Both of us were so busy with our own lives, work commitment, church activity…

Oh No~! I forgot to bring my digi cam again…. Argh!!!

Ok gtg… need to wrap up a small present for brother Clarence…


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