… Had to go to Malaysia for a business trip today with a very short notice from my boss…

“Huh?!?!” Was my first response… I have return home to collect my passport… goodness.

I was anticipating that I would not be able to attend CG tonight. Thus, I called and informed Joshua abt the last min arrangement.

Though I was all excited to lead tonite’s worship. I knew most likely I would give it amiss.

Headed home and collect before having lunch at Jurong Point’s Fiesta Sushi. My lunch was Eel with Gohan(Japanese sticky rice) with a few sides dishes of sushi. All charged under my boss’ bill. Burp~!(Apologised for my rudness.)

After that, we speeded to Tuas checkpt… and spent the next 3hrs at my customer’s factory verifying the failure with their Senior Engineers. Checking, testing, checking testing and repeat the procedures on another part….

When everything was done, it was already closed to 5pm. And I need to do some paper work before I could call for the day.

Straight away, i smsed Joshua to inform him of my absent for CG today. Thanks brother for being so understanding…

*Beep! Beep!* Received a sms from a sister in reply to my previous nite’s message. Wah it took her 15hrs to received my message… goodness!

Told her I was doing fine… and working in M’sia now. Think she got a shock and messaged back, wishin me happy working and she will pray for my safety back to S’pore. Woo… I’m impressed and touched by her little sweet gesture. Not many gals I knew expressed such a kind of thing.. hey wait… there are but in different forms. =X

Anyway, rushed back to office with my boss speeding all the way at 160km/h to Tuas checkpt. Good thing the traffic was low… if not I would be holding to the safety belt just in something happened… Hee. Reached office at 5:50pm, 10mins before I normally knock off from work. Haiz… had to do OT.

By the time, everything was done it’s 7:30pm… send my boss all the necessary documents, he checked and said it’s time for dinner. Dinner on him again… This time Korean food.

By the way, anyone going to Suntec? You will see a enoromous heart created by roses displayed by Microsoft, MSN for the Valentine day. It’s tremendously a beautiful sight. Guys bring ur gfs there to win urself some pts from ur gfs. Remember to bring ur cameras to take the display.

Finished my dinner at 8plus closed to 9pm.. boss drove me to the MRT station… on the way, saw road blocks and realised Chingay is on… Haiz i was too tired to go and watch… Anyone there tonite watching the festival?

Finally, stepped home… relief~! Dropped my bag and switched on my PC… Login and typing my blog.

Have a blessed wkend bloggers~!

Ok gonna go liao… wanna do my exercises before I showered… Ciao~!


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