… was busy over the weekends. Attended a fren’s 21st birthday without bring his present. *knock head*

So paiseh. Anyway, promised to give him his present the next rd I see him. Actually, reason for me to forget abt the present was I heading to another appointment. I realised later on, I had double appointment scheduled on the same time. *knock head*… haiz.

Felt so handicapped without my bike… when I was so used to travelling around from place to place with her(Just in case, u guys think otherwise. I’m refering my bike). She is such a wonderful partner, companied me thru my army dayz. Anyway, hopped into my fren’s car since he was going to there too. Not a very good move, when there is 2 couples in the same car… felt so out of place yet I wasn’t caring too much abt it… Felt so confidence abt my singlehood… *scratch head* I dun understand why oso.

Reached the venue, was warmly welcomed by my fren’s dad… “Come, come… eat more, eat more…” Thks Uncle.

Had a wonderful time chatting with Peiwen over her work at one of the branded fashion label company. She felt so paiseh to go off early when everyone was working till 9ish or 10ish everyday… thus usually left around 8ish. I barely know her… and she told me so much… I sensed a new frenship blooming… which is good.

After the cake cutting session, went into one of the room to enjoy the air-con. When I saw…. Mahjong table and tiles! Just nice, there were 4 of us in the room. Someone suggested we played. Hey… why not since I enjoy playing mahjong. However, we were not gambling more for the sake of fun. Another guy came in after a few rounds, he too wanted to play. I gave up my seat for him and went over to teach Peiwen since she is still amateur. Assisted her to win quite a few times… 4 folds, 5 folds with ‘zi mo’. After a few rds, we decided to increase our stock. Those who lose will have to drink 3 glasses of water… Small case when I was used to drink 1.5litres of water or eat mountain of full of biscuits when I was ‘gambling’ wif my army frens. Ha ha ha.

We headed home ard 12ish… Liwei volunteered to sent the gals back include Rui and me… that will be 5 person behind and me in front seat. Being bigger in size(I meant fatter) have the advantage… ha ha ha.

After sending most of the people back, he was exhuasted and requested me to drive… “Hello, I have not drive for a year liao.. u dare to entrust the wheel to me?” Nevertheless, seeing him so tired. I decided to take the wheel.

One thing abt autocar is ur left hand and leg felt awakard… nothing to play with. It was rather easy to drive. However, I still wasn’t very confidence with it. Coz it’s really too big for me. Driving a Benz is different from driving a Honda Civic. Suddenly everything is so spacious. Furthermore, I can’t felt the shifting of gear coz it’s automatic. When Liwei reminded me that I’ll be speeding if I continue to step on the accelerator so much.

Finally reached home safe and sound without any accident. Thank God!

I learnt another thing… when shift to reverse gear the autocar will move, manuel one don’t. Ha ha ha. Maybe I should drive more often with my fren’s car… hee~! Practise makes Perfect.


Sunday’s sermon by Bishop Robert Solomen was thought provoking… I learnt so much from it.

I need to No.1 Listen to the person’s story, No.2 Listen to the person’s full story and No. 3 Listen to the person’s full story first.

I think many times, I had failed to listen to the person… was quick to provide the solution rather than having a descerning heart. That why God give us 2 ears and 1 mouth. Be quick to listen than quick to speak.

“My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.” James 1:19,20

Another new year resolution, I ought to follow thru’.

When e service ended, strolled to the usual foodcourt for lunch and a time of fellowship. Took the opportunity to catch up with bro Joshua since I wasn’t there for Fri CG. Good thing they were having a great time without me. Finalized some details for this Wed.

Returned back to church to sign up a 4wk course of MTB(Mastering The Bible) for the minor prophets. Initially, thought can register as a group when, sister Mich realised that students are half priced. Leaving 3 of us dangling as working adults to pay for the full amount. Which means we din have group discount. THE?!?! Furthermore, Kel was out of job. The discount means an meal saved.

Hence, Kel was looking for 2 more adults to register together. While walking towards the back of the church, saw a sister sharing her life to the CG. There were countless of events happened to her that remindered me to count my blessings God had bestowed me.

Pulled Joshua aside to pray for this dear sister… We were very much ministered by God. After praying, received a sms from Hui that her granddad was hopistalized. Rushed over to Kel to inform the group, they were abt to commence praying for her and her grandpa.

Life is just so unpredictable and vulnerable… There is just so little a man can do to preserve his life. At the end of the day, where will his soul be? Heaven or Hell? Have you ever think abt it fellow bloggers? I have entrusted my life to Jesus… have you?

Left church to study wif sister Mich, brother Jackson and Wenlong… at Mac. It was a fruitful time… I managed to coverd most of my lecture notes which is tomolo. Had quite a no. of laughters along the course of studying when we were taking our break. Mich was pretty gd in her ‘suaning’. Well done sister… I’m still not done wif ‘suaning’ you yet…. ha ha ha.

How was ur weekends bloggers?


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