… Had being extremely busy for the last one week, Kinda of emotionally and mentally down… But thank God, I’m not heart-hardened.

The whole week passed by so swiftly, almost lost track of what’s going on with my life… Even my weekends were gone within the blink of an eye… a sudden sense of dreadfulness to go back to work rose out from the corner of my heart. The similar dreadfulness when I need to book in after enjoying my long weekend during my army days. The only difference is I’m wearing my civil clothes than army no. 4.

… Ok enough of the dreadful feeling. Need to snap out of it…


Finally, able to invited Li Wei to my church service after much schedule and reschedule. Invited Lynn and Peiwen to visit my church as well… I was thankful that they were being ministered by the Sermon given by Pastor Tony on Amos 5 and 6. Seek God and Seek Good. The sermon had impacted me as well.

I ought to seek God with a heart of repentance and reverence. Seek Good with a heart without those empty rituals and self-righteousness.

As follower of Christ, I must be a good steward of the possessions God had given me… I can’t serve God with the concept of Seek God plus other gods. Indeed, one of those things I should be careful of is money. I shouldn’t base my security on it. I bring nothing to this world, hence I cannot bring anything away from this world when I return to dust… He gave my job, talent, money… etc as a privilege for me to use not to be possessed.

May God be the glory~!


Those who had not watched the show ought to see it!!! It’s definitely worth your $8.50 if you are a person who enjoys musical. Btw, you some of you don’t know… Chicago is a stage musical turn big screen. Overall, it’s entertaining… except the censored making the story line a bit weird with cut here and there in the initial part.

How’s your weekends, bloggers?

Newly plugged Sha and Karene.

New Domain Rainia and Yanz.


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