… Hooray!!! Finally end of the week liao… Had my tutorial class yesterday. I realized that there were so many things I need to read up and used my brain my juice on. However, I’m glad that I am able to study despite there were many people out there who can’t study due to finanical difficulties.

Studying part time requires a great amount of discipline. How I wish I need not work… and have loads of cash to go overseas study. However, that not the case… May if I strike 4D or Toto then that will be wonderful. Then again, I don’t gamble on these… not b’coz I’m a Christan, is that I don’t believe if there is such a thing called lady luck is on my side. I’m one of those who need to work diligently and save up.

So what will you guys be doing later in the evening?

I will be down at Geylang for dinner with my army kakis. One of them is celebrating his birthday tonight. He’s single and available. Any takers? He’s a nice chap I think the only shortcoming is he is vertically challenged.

Later they will down at Mdm Wong 1, drinking and enjoying themselves… I will not be going. Had enuff of this kind of lifestyle… drinking and dancing, dancing and drinking… getting myself high which I rarely do b’cos I believe in keeping myself sober lest I do something outergous.

Will be joining another group of friends to chill out with my Teh or Kopi-O. More healthy then the “What time is it?” beverage or Letter ‘E’ with ’33’ transparent liquid. *Squeezing my fats from my waist* the result of drinking too much of such fluids… ha ha ha…

I rather get fat by eating more prata than drinking those substances which are gone the moment I visit the “To Let” with the ‘i’. At least these prata gives more energy than the substances which get me high for the night and hangover for the day…

Whichever you choose, remember to take at a moderate amount. Don’t abuse your body K. Enjoy your wonderful and blessed weekends!

“Give this man a Teh-O!!!”


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