…weekends are always gone with a blink of an eye. How come weekdays don’t happen in such a way… hmph.

Anyway, I still glad that I only have 5 days week. Some others have 5 1/2 days. I ought to count my blessing… which I do. Thank God.

Saturday was one of those dayz, which I am aimless without any activities packed from morning till late… it rarely happened to me… which I think it’s gd. I’m always so busy going from one activity to another. Meeting so and so… blah blah blah.

I went home after visiting the open house of ITE Tampines… wah the campus is well facilitied. Similar to that of polytechnic. ITE students those days are no longer backdated… Praise God for that. I felt the taxes payer’s money is well spent. At least for my own point of view.

Went home, after pillioning Ah San to his band practise.

Wondering around the house aimlessly. Dun noe what to do, switch on the computer dun noe where to surf to… decided to start exercising… after finishing it still felt something was amiss.

Then a still quiet voice… from back of my head pondered me to take stock of my life… sitting in the living room, reflecting… then God review one sin after another sin that I have not given up. Pride was the root of my refusal to surrender my desires…

I was battling within my mind… “No, God! Anything but not this!”,”No, this is so unfair… how can you point to me, the thing that is so dear to my half.” Just like a little child refusing to hand over the little candy within his hand to his daddy. “You can have my spiderman action figure or my Transformer but not my Papa smurf!”

I realised that everyone of us are one way or another turned to like a little child when we refused to give up certain things in our life…

What an irony~! When I grew older I grew younger in my reasoning sometimes. Anyway, have about 4 hours of praying and struggling… ended off with singing praises and playing the guiter to the Lord till my fingers were numbed.

Yes. I had surrendered them all

Sunday’s sermon concides very nicely with what I did on Saturday evening. Pastor David had delivered the message extremely well… it spoken directly to me…. Dun think I can finished typing the whole sermon out…

Basically, God challenged me to give up my life afresh… meaning I have to be vulnerable. Allowing Him to bestow any kinds of trials and temptations in order that I can grow in my character…

For some of you may not understand by such terms… well it’s one of those ways my God used to make me grow as a christian. If you have read my testimony, you will understand that I wasn’t a goodie two shoes. Instead, I was a vagular brat, a gone case… etc. The Lord had redeem me from the dark pit… to where I am now. Even though, I had turn over a new leaf… there are still many areas in my life need improvement. Year 2003 will be indeed a wonderful and fruitful year for Raymond to grow in his walk with the Lord.

I remembered telling God that I want to develop myself further… I think He remembered my words… in order for me to be a good boyfriend or husband in the future. I need to change to be a more godly man with good character.

Thank God for His timing intervention. I desire the woman of my life to come… but I desire God even more…

Newly plugged Dawn


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