… Just finished reading an article from the Streats. “Predators on the Web” written by Khushwant Singh. He tried his hands on the Internet Relay Chat, masquerading as Michelle, 15. The moment ‘she’, typed “GIRL, 15, wants to chat.” within seconds ‘she’ received 8 replies. Aging from the youngest 17 to the oldest 29.

All with hidden agenda… the motive is to get close and personal… physically.

It’s is so absurd…!!!

I had tried going to the IRC when I was younger… more for the experience and fun… After a few rounds, I discovered it’s not really fun after all…

” … how do I noe that the person is telling the truth…”

One of my frens commented that is really fun and through that he got himself a girlfriend… I had the opportunity to see his girlfriend once. Quite an attractive gal… but I still doubt do such relationship really bloom from that…

Thus it spells the end of my Internet Relay Chat…

However, I still avid user of ICQ… most of the time, it chatting with people I noe one way or another. There are only a few names which are from overseas… I will delete them after awhile if there isn’t anymore communication.

Recently added MSN messager… but I only used it mainly for file transfer.

Overall, I still think face to face communication is the best. Even though our technology has advanced so much that we are just an email or a connection away.

“Hi, I’m Angel from channel Singapore IRC. Are you Takashi20?”

“Huh? I’m sorry you got the wrong person but I’m Ah Boy21. Hey, how about we go for a drink at Mount Faber?”


*Evil sleazy grin*


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