… starting to get bored with my current job… nothing more for me to learn… I guess i’m really not a typical guy who enjoy a desk bounded job… working from 8:30am ~ 6:00pm. Waiting for the money to be banked in, and sit there and be contented.

I still longed to go back to teaching… rushing from classroom to classroom. Never at my desk. Interacting with my students and teaching them… Seeing the current economic situation… I doubt I will be able to get into NIE again. Haiz. Everyone is rushing into teaching because it a golden rice bowl. Not because they a have passionate to teach rather to secure a comfortable figure in their bank account…

Maybe I should try to apply again this year for teaching post. At least there is no harm trying since I have a perm job now… if I get in it will be a bonus, if not I still have my job to fall on to…

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