…having a headache now~! *Argh…!!!* Overworked.. perhaps. Hopeful, this headache will go off before I knock off from work. Want to go down to the IT show later wif some of frens to check out laptops. Contemplating to get one for my studies…

Still think do I need one actually… hmm well, can still go there and see see look look.

Could control my desire anymore… went online and surf to the MOE website to apply for a post in teaching. I tried to apply again this year before my PPT expiry next year Mar. Hopeful I get in this year… If not I will off form to do physical education.

Still have not given up my hope on teaching… even though I know I competing wif a great pool of people rushing into teaching because of job stability.

Seriously, I hope the economy will pick up and people will not going into teaching like 5 years ago. Personally, I quite saddened by the fact that teaching is no longer because of passion rather it’s job security.

Recently, talk to my brother in Christ… he just passed his EPT and will be applying teaching too. Dawn, a fellow blogger she oso applied for teaching…

Talking about Dawn, I had the privilege to interact wif tis fine lady over the icq and to my pleasant surprised… she shared wif me alot of common friends. Most of the people she mentioned I know them… izzit scary that S’pore is such a small country that you have some many common friends.

She(Dawn) is one of those gals I noe which loved outdoor sport. Well done, Dawn~!

I used to be an outdoor person… when I was relief teaching. Having quite a tan… enjoying being outdoor. Now I dun have a sun to accompany me… rather lighttube to radiate onto me to give me a perfect white skin… *boring*

Nevertheless, I am still thankful for the Lord for providing me this job… Even since, I left army I din have to look very hard for a job… from relief teaching in my former sch to another sch then to my current job. Hopefully, God will provide me the teaching job this time round to fulfil my dream.

“Class stand~!”

“Good Morning, Mr Tan~!”

“Good Morning, class. Please sit down and turn to page XX of your textbook.”


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