Praise the Lord! I finally passed my speedboat test after 3 attempts… Thank the Lord for the clear and calm weather today…

Actually this morning, when over to meet my leader, Wee Leong over at Seng Kang… have a long talk over breakfast and discuss some of the plans for the whole year. What is my focus right now at this point of time. Which aspects of my life I need to improve in or work out wif. Had a wonderful time, sharing my concerns and conditon of my heart. Then we ended of the session with prayer. He also prayed for me on my speedboat test this afternoon without me initating it. Praise the Lord for this man’s heart… A person whom I ought to look up to… having to juggling so many things in life… having a loving wife with 2 little beautiful daughters and 1 boy on the way… Yet he is still willing to meet up with me to help me to grow to be more Christ-liked.

Come home straight to have my lunch and a bit of rest before going for the test.

Headed to the test site with a more calm and relaxed heart.

My name was first called… my heart was pumping again… filled in my particluars in the test form and waited anxiously for my 3rd attempt. Climbed down the ladder to the vessel. Do the normal routine equipments and safety checks… Started the engine and loosen the ropes. She was ready to embark to the open sea. I was able to control her. Going to whether direction required. Rescued man overboard was executed brilliantly. However, when I return to park her… the wave from my astern(backside) of her hit hard on her… causing her to bang onto the jetty hard… thanked God it wasn’t a collision. If not, I would have to come back for the 4th attempt… ha ha ha.

Overall, my performance was pretty good. Waited for the tester to completed testing the rest of the testee before proceed to the oral test. I did quite ok for it except for some minor mistakes…

“Well done!” , exclaimed the tested and he handle me a A4 form for me to filled my particulars. FYI, if you given a sheet of paper which is half of A4, or I think B5 paper… it means “Please come back again. You need more practise.”

My heart was pumping again. This time round is with excitment not with anxiety. Praise the Lord.

Oh yeah need to get my photos taken. Got to sumbit 2 recent photos. Good oso I can used these photos for my renewal fo my licence in June.

One wishlist cancelled out from my list. Now, I can concentrate on my Class 2A licence which I put on hold since last year July. I missed my Traffic Police test, thus failed the test. Need to go and practise on saturdays to familiarise the test route again and all the obstacles courses.

Class 2A here I come…


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