… The war had already started. There were so many innocent lives been involved. I really don’t want to do but to pray for these people.

Thanked God for Josh for changing the agenda of the CG from having the regularly Bible Study to a time of worship and intercession for the current situation in the Middle East.

I don’t want to stand on either side… to defend whether Bush have the right to do this or saddam is correct in making his stand.

All I know and care is I hope less people will be involved in the whole affair. The war will end soon, so that less bloodshed and lives can be restored.

Last Fri night, I was been reminded by the Lord. Though I can’t be there on my feet, but I can be there on my knees. My hope is that they come to know the Lord soon. There is just too many lives out there who are yet to come to know the Lord, Jesus. The stake is just too high and the price is to high to pay.

Yesterday, my friend asked me whether I will be willing to over to help if I have the opportunity to help aid the people. Told her that I will definitely go over to assist the welfare work if I’m either a student or NSF. I can easily take leave or time off to go without need to worry that I still a job to tied me down. However, I’m encouraged by her church which is going to send a few welfare teams to aid the to rebuild and restore some works there.

I read in an article in Streats a few days back that S’proeans were more concerned that the war end soon so that their jobs and the economy will not be jeopardize. I know that they still need job to secure their basic bread and butter for survival.

Well, I can’t blame them for having this attitude, coz I’m holding a job while there were so many of them out of job and this will cause the job market to nose dive further… I’m just myopic on the things that is surrounding me. May the Lord grant me a farther and wider view over the whole disaseter.

…God please help us all, a sinful and corrupted generation!


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