… Back to work, so tired… Din have enuff sleep over the weekend. Was attending a brother’s wedding in JB.

The Wedding Day

Part 1

I was out in the morning, practicing motorbike… was super novice compared to 9mths ago when I was pretty good in handle the machine. Not very skillful in maneuvering it…

While practicing the bumpy course, I lost my balance and the bike was fell to the side. It was damn heavy. No one was there to help… After much struggling, it was finally lifted up.

By the time I finished my lesson, I was rushing home to get change and meet up with bro Kel Choo to go to Malaysia. Had a quick shower and changed a set of matching formal wear.

Hired a cab and headed straight to his house… when I heard over the radio that they are still looking for the taxi driver who fetch the 4th victim who was infected with SARS.

Oops, I’m in the taxi right now.

Met Kel Choo near the entrance of Chomp chomp, for him to pick me up. Drove further down to pick up bro James. After James, hopped into the car. Received a call from GH. He brought the wrong passport… a blue Malaysia passport.

My goodness… that was no longer valid. Kel Choo and I was dumbfound by the news. Called bro Kel Tan and told him we will be late to pick him up…

“What happened!” Kel Tan exclaimed

“GH bring the wrong passport, a Malaysia passport.” Kel Choo said calmly.

“That champion…” Kel Tan said impatiently.

“Yup, that champion.”,Kel Choo laughed.”See you later.”

I looked at my watch. We will be horribly late for the wedding. 2:50pm we were still in S’pore. The wedding ceremony will start in 10mins time. I was abit upset. I don’t really like to be late especially since this was a big occasion. A brother’s wedding… No choice. I can’t change the fact that we were going to be late. Might as well enjoy my fellowship with the guys in the cars….

When we reached the immigration, we were discouraged by the tremendously long quene at the causeway. To add to my irritation, those Malaysia cars cut our queue by using the side road illegally. Argh!

After passing thru the Singapore immigration, we were glad that the queue didn’t take longer than we expected… Then to my horrible! I saw stream coming out from the front part of the car… Oh no! the car was overheating. Kel Choo was speechless when he witnessed the sight. He drove the car to the right shoulder of the road.

There is no way, the car was going to make it to JB. He told us to take our belongings and go ahead without him. He had to give the wedding amiss… though I knew in his heart he really wanted to attend it but no choice… he sian 1/2 already.

We bid him goodbye and walked the long and humid path towards JB.

I took off my tie, the heat was killing me if I don’t remove the tie… Time 3plus.

To boost the morale of the rest of them…

“Hey, at least we are early for the dinner!”, I jokingly commented.

Walking with the hot and humid air blowing across my face was something I had not been doing even since I got my current job. The feeling was rather refreshing but not appealing when I was dressed with long sleeves and pants… ha ha ha…

Finally, reached the Malaysia custom. Had our passport stamped. As usual, there would be people calling you to take their taxis to whatever destination you required.

Nah… I prefer to go to a proper taxi stand.

The four of us dived into the taxi and asked the uncle to bring us to Hyatt hotel where the wedding ceremony cum dinner was held.

4plus we were incredibly late… Quickly place S$50(About RM107) to into the Ang bow. Heard the market rate for Malaysia is RM80 – RM100. If my dad hear abt this… he would say I ‘loo gei’. Nevermind lah, it’s a token of blessing to the newly wed.

While signing the guest book, one of the MC urged us to sign it quickly. The wedding ceremony was about to start. Praise God! I’m not late…

The ceremony commenced.

Sister Amanda was so beautiful… I sincerely believed woman will be the most when they are going to be married. There is this joy and happiness oozing out from their face.

Brother Vincent though nervous… was able to compose himself.

Pastor Chua was addressing Psalm 23 to the couple… abit weird for wedding but it was chosen by them. The main theme was the couple need to first love the Lord in order to provide and comfort each other… what a beautiful Psalm for a beautiful and God-fearing couple. Bro Vin asked his good fren from HK to translate the whole exhortation in Cantonese for the benefit of Amanda and Vincent’s parents and relatives.

My first time hearing exhortation for a wedding in Cantonese. It’s so interesting and new. After that, they exchanged their wedding vows. What a stressful time, thank God. Pastor Tan was there to ponder them…

Follow after they exchange their wedding rings.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you Mr. and Mrs Vincent… !”, Pastor Tan announced joyfully.

Praise God bring this couple together in such love and devotion.

The MC addressed us to leave the ballroom and allow the staff to transform the ballroom into a wedding banquet.

Bro James and I check in to our room. We invited Bro GH and Kel to put their belongings into the room and take a short rest. Liked the view from outside the hotel room.

Bro James and I agreed in unison that it was a guy’ thing to dump our stuffs, hit the bed and ‘nuan’. Dun know whether the gals will do that oso…

Had a little small chit here and there… I actually dun mind having my wedding in JB. However, it’s really very troublesome for my relatives to come over the JB for wedding.

Aiyah… if not I think I can save a bit of money… Too bad. Hey, wait a min… what make me so sure some gals out there are willing to get married to this dumb guy… ha ha ha.

Daydreaming again!

5plus… waited for bro James to change to his formal wear before we revisited the ballroom for our dinner. Checked for my table no. and searched for my table. Table 25. The creative arts table. All the former cast in the musical in the same table.

Thanks bro Vincent for making such an arrangement.

Before the dinner commenced, there was a short video clip on how Vincent courted Amanda. It was hilarious. There was this part where Vin was running up and down… forwards and backwards… looking high and low for the ONE. Then there is a slow motion of his head turning and he found Amanda… Both of them looking intently at each other… Oh so sweet!

Then there was this guy interviewing Vin… it turn out Vin is playing a third person interview himself…

Vin, on the right interviews Vin, on the left. Really interesting… The end of it… “Mike Production”

which was my director for the last musical. Praise God for this man for his creative!

Hmm… I know who I will approach for the my wedding cameraman. Requested that he give a discount when it’s my turn to get married.

Daydreaming again…

The starting of the first dish was entertaining… the waiter and waitress came in with heart shaped balloons led by 2 waiters who carried 2 fire torches… The theme song for British Airline… when they lined up in a straight row in front of the VIP table. They released the balloons… wah so romantic.

The dinner had begun…

After a few dishes, the MC wanted Vin to sing Amanda. One of her favorite song which happen to be the most common song in wedding by Emil “Ming Tian Wo Yao Jia Ga Ni Ma”. Though Vin can sing well he wasn’t able to remember the lyrics.

The MC wasn’t going to give up. Another of her favorite song. It was by Teresa “The moon represent my heart” literally translated.

Good thing, Vin was able to remember the lyrics and sung so well that he was spared.

To be continued…


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