The Wedding Day

Part 2

… Yum Seng was something very common in the wedding

banquet… Our table was roped into the Yum Seng gang.

Huh!?!? How come I don’t know? Never mind, it’s for

bro Vin. I’ll Yum my lungs out… ha ha ha.

The MC addressed to the guests to raise their Teh,

Spirt, Brandy, Red wine and Newater… Newater???

Brother, you are in Malaysia where got Newater…

later you kena stoned…

The Yum Seng gang did out 1st Yum Senging… The MC

didn’t give any signal to end… I’m running out of

breath… Yum… Yum… Yum… My face turning red…

Thank God, GH took the initiative to raise his hand

and put it down… to indicated cut.

The same thing happened to the 2nd and final Yum

Seng… My heart and lung was thrown out… Gasping

for air… The champagne was sweet… with a lingering

after taste.

Affirmed GH that he did a good job in initiating the

cut signal if not I would have fainted on the stage.

Proceed on with the dinner… Mike was planning for a

sabotage for the couple. He wanted the fish tail to do

some stunts.

There were 3 bowls to cover the various fish tails.

Each of them represent different sabotage.

After finished the photo sessions, the couple as

thinking of escaping the Sabo. James and another

brother to bring them back.

Vincent was hesitated about the whole thing… but

still he was still a good sport. So what was he going

to do. Mike explained that the fish tail with garnish

is to kiss the bride’s bum, the one without is to kiss

the boobs and the one with chilli is to pass the

chilli mouth to mouth.

Poor Vincent, he chose the one with chilli. He had to

place 2 red and green cut chilli on his tongue and

pass them to Amanda. He wasn’t successful the 1st

time… after 2 chilli passed he dropped the rest of


Boo Hoo… need to retry. The 2nd time was worse

everything dropped. Finally, the 3rd time he was able

to pass the chilli to her successfully…

It was so embrassing for the couple, nevertheless it’s

a good memory for them. Mike exclaimed that it was

purely Rebekah’s idea… who was innocently blamed.

“Mike how can you say that.. Now no one is going to

marry me… hmph.”, protested Rebekah.

Went back to our respective table to continue our

dinner… Melody decided to changed seat with Ja and

sit next to me… She wanted to talk with me. Guess

she was very comfortable talking to me. Dun get

mistaken, she was not a potential gal in my mind…

she is just a 5years old little gal who enjoy my

company. Thank God, I appeal to both women and

children in a good sense.

I’m comfortable talking to women and children even

elderly folks. I guess God gave me a bigger heart for

these group of people.

I pray and hope that by this I will be trained to have

a bigger heart for my girlfriend to be… Wherever she


Ended the dinner around 8plus closed to 9pm. Some of

them who are not stayin over in the hotel needed to

catch the coach back to S’pore.

Went the exit to congratulate the couple again…

Gracia remarked that we will be there to Sabo them

again at 2am. Huh! You sure or not Gracia… you wanna

disturb the couple again… goodness.

Walked back to our room, to chill out… took off my

tie and shirt, collapsed onto the bed. What a day!

While the rest of them was taking turns to shower… I

looked at myself in the mirror… Oh no… I’m getting

fat. Staring in disbelief… Oh no… from workout

almost everyday to becoming a one day workout freak…

it’s not getting my body any where… Jia Lat. Maybe,

I should working out again religiously when I go back

to S’pore.

Hmm… maybe… maybe… maybe… ha ha ha.

After my hot shower, continued to update myself with

lastest news of the War and SARS. Still kinda of sian

of the uncertainity of the whole chaos.

10plus… received a ring at the door. Gracia, Dave

and my little good friend, Melody arrived. Shortly

after Angie and Ja arrived also.

Dave decided to go back his room to rest… a very

long day for this husband and father…

11plus we decided that we had enuff of the rumble

cubes… (forgot the spelling). Everyone was thinking

of having supper. I was only interested in having a


Hired a cab while Dave drove the 2 gals… poor Dave

need to drive us around though he was so tired. He’s

really a wonderful husband… no whether Gracia chose

him… out of the many suitors.

Went to don’t know what Sentosa… it’s where good

seafood was served according to some of my frens. We

ordered a few dishes and shared.

My personal fav was chilli Kang Kong. Enjoyed the

fellowship… had lotsa of laughters and fun.

Headed back to the hotel to Sabo the couple… James,

Kel and I were the first to greet the couple…

Few mins after, GH and Angie went… the couple asked

whether Gracia was coming… decide to abort mission

since the couple was expecting…

Went back to our respective rooms… when Gracia

called that she wanted to honor her word to disturb

them at 2am. Hence we moved back to Vin & Amanda’s

room… We decided to sing Amanda the song, Vin wasn’t

able to properly to be a blessing to Amanda.

When we reached there, we pressed the bell… no

response. Hmm… we pressed again a few more times

just in case they couldn’t hear the bell. Still no


Started to knock and press the bell… still no

response. Goodness. Either they were sound asleep or

they refuse to open the door… continue to press the

bell non-stop. Still no response. That’s not good.

Plan B. We leave Ja and Angie to press the bell while

the rest of us go back to our room to think of another


We used our room telephone to intercomm to theirs…

still no response. Vincent is determined not to give

in… We made some plans like climb over the balcony,

called the house keeping to change their bedsheets…

(2plus in the morning???), blah blah…

In the end, we decided to forget it… and allow them

to enjoy their RM1000plus suite. The next day then

maybe we would disturb them when we see them for


Catch a little bit of the old HK movie before we went

to our individual slumberlands. Told the guys that I

had the tentative to snore when I’m in the air

conditioned room.

No response… wah the rest of them already knocked

out. 3plus… need to catch some sleep if not I can’t

wake up on time for the complimentary breakfast.

…. Woke up around 7plus… refused to get up and

tuck myself back to sleep… when I heard the phone

rung… the 9am morning call… Argh.

Spent some devotion time with the Lord… before I had

my wash up. Went down to the lounge, in my shorts and

t-shirt. My typical clothes when I go overseas… hack

care style…

Got irritated by a waiter for his rude manners… I

have this thing against Malaysian malays… they are

not in my good books compare to malays in S’pore.

They were not willing to make some re-arrangement for

the seats for the 9 of us… What kind of service is

this… Good thing it’s not Singapore or else I will

lodge a complaint.

Walked over to Vincent and Amanda’s table… told them

about last nite’s incident. Amanda told us she din

even hear a single thing… Vincent did hear the

commotion but he was already too tired to even move

his phyiscally body… Poor guy! Must be extremely

tired the whole of yesterday.

The breakfast was quite ok only compared to the one in

Thailand… where I was eating my heart out. Decided

to take a look at their room when we finished packing

our belongings.

Close to 12pm… knocked on their room and sung Ming

Tian Wo Yao Jia Ga Ni Ma… Examine their room… it

was spacious and clean looking… a living room, a bed

room, a balcony and a bed tub with Jacuzzi… Wah so


Stepped to the balcony… We wanted to pray for this

God united couple. James prayed for Vincent, Ja prayed

for Amanda and Gracia end the prayer…

Bid them happy honeymoon… they were going to Bali

for 4 days then to Geccee for 7 days… So shiok…

Moved back to our rooms and collected our belongings

and check out from the hotel. Headed to Holiday Plaza

to shop for some goodies for my friends back in

Merlion City.

The whole place was a pirated CD paradise.

After our lunch at KFC, we went off in separate

ways… GH, James and I took a cab to the custom…

passed the custom. Seeing the endless queue, we

decided to walked back to S’pore.

Another hot and humid journey home…

The S’pore immgration is still better than the

Malaysian… well maintained and clean.

Had my passport stamped… I’m back to S’pore liao…

Home Sweet Home

Bro. James offered to send me back by the taxi since

my house was on the way… Thanks James appreciated

your thoughtfulness.

I’m really thankful to the Lord for placing countless

people who are such a blessing to my life…

Mins later, I reached home… hot and sticky. Had a

quick shower and went out to meet my friends…


And today is already Tuesday. How time flies… Maybe

I should take a break in the month of May.

Destination: Bintan

I’m still lacked of sleep…


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