Reality Bites

… the last few days was kinda on the low side. School had cancelled till 13th of April due to SARS. Got news that I was rejected from MOE for the 7th time…

The number of pple catching SARS is climbing. 2 more deaths. One of which is a 27 years old doctor. My humble condolences to him and his family.

He finally lost the battle with the virus. Leaving behind a lot of hearts broken especially to her wife to be… tragic. He still have so many years ahead of him. ,b>My salute to all doctors, nurses, lab assistance, admin staff, cleaners etc who selflessly do their jobs which the rest of us… complain and complain that we don’t have the right cutlery to eat our steak.

Another person whose death brought much sorrow to the media was Leslie Cheung. When I received an sms from a friend on April Fool’s Day. I barked back to say dun play such a kind of joke. I never quite enjoy play a prank on someone…

I fell off my couch when I heard the news that Leslie committed suicide. Although I was not a die-hard fan of his… I felt a sense of lost for the HK media circle. He was a tremendously talented actor and singer. Though his personal life I wasn’t very impressive.

I enjoyed most of his movies… My humble condolences to him too… Good bye, Leslie your life had been remembered by many fans out there!

Reflecting on my own life… will I commit suicide if I’m faced with depression which I can’t handle. Seriously, I don’t know. So far, no woman had made me willing to give up my life for… though there was 1 this woman who had caused to gone into depression for 6mths. It wasn’t enough to make me bring myself to end my life.

I guess I love my life too much to even end it. Furthermore, my belief is doing such a thing is SIN. Personally, I think it’s a coward way to settle things. Running from reality though reality bites. Reminds me of a song by Lisa Loeb, ‘Stay’ from the movie ‘Reality Bites’

Coming from a not so perfect family… i can empathise with those who’s family is broken. At a tender age, I already experienced quite a number events when a lot teens these days are busy spending money without thinking about whether tomorrow they have enough to even a bowl of rice…

Reality Bites… but God is still in the picture to pick me up when I am down. All I need to do is to wait.


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