Praise the Lord for today… A day of which He came to die on the Christ of you and I.

Initially, we were supposed to have the “No-Kia” Factor… an outreach rally for the teens…

However, the event was postponed due to the current SARS.

Well, God changed the agenda… Roger took the initiative to organise some event for the ITE students(Bishan) to continue to excite them since the “No-Kia” Factor was cancelled. Praise God for him… if not it will be a uneventful day for me…

To go back a few days before today’s picnic… when Roger tried calling the ITE students to get confirm no coming. He received some not very gd news. They decided not to come. I’m sure at that point of time. He must had felt terrible. Bro Roger, if u are reading this mail now. I wanna to affirm you that you did a wonderful job in calling them!!! At the end of the day, it’s really doesn’t mind whether they come or not… it’s that heart of yours which is so willing to make the initiative that counts. I’m sure God had already saw that. Praise God for that.

Another God created agenda came when Serene msg me that she had invited her friends from ITE and poly to come for the picnic. This was without my knowledge. She was rather apologetic about it… I assured her that was totally fine. The outreach wasn’t solely for the ITE students only. It’s about reaching out to other people as well… After assuring her, I was already thinking.

“Wow, God is a God of surprises… on one hand, we have other ITE students who decline to come… on the other hand, God provided another group of students thru Serene. Praise God for that!”

Back to the event day… I bumped into Kingsan in a provision shop along my journey to East Coast. I was encouraged by this brother whom was so eager to serve in planning for the game today. Furthermore, he went over the Li Jie’s hse just to bring the jelly for us to consume. Bro, if you are reading this. Praise God for you act of servanthood. And Li Jie, thanks for taking time off from your studies to make those lovely and delicious jelly.

When we were walking to meet the rest of the gang. I noticed dark clouds hovering over the sky. Inside me… I was praying, “God, please don’t rain…” Then I saw Serene and her friend Brian. Have short introduction. Shortly, Roger arrived. Wee Leong and Zhen yang also arrived.

Not long after the rain already arrived… “Oh no, Lord not the rain…”

We had to seek shelter near the 7-11. There was a sense of awkwardness, everyone was feeling abit uncomfortable… you stared and me, I stared you… tried to start the ball rolling by introducing name again… not the ball didn’t roll further from there. We were back to our square one. Hmph.

The rain stopped.

“Thank God for answering my prayers”

We proceed to the some of the benches which was not occupied. Layout our food. Started munching… then the people started to warm up. I seriously believed food is one of the ways to get people to warm up… people’s defences start to collapse when you serve them drinks and food… We were able to strive up conversation… here and there. One thing I did notice was Serene was like one of those ‘targets’ to be “suan” most of the time.

Nevertheless, it did help in making the people more comfortable. Thks, Serene for being the prime ‘target’.

Throughout the whole picnic, we had lots of pockets of laughter… some of them were my lame jokes which have totally no connection. Who cares… so long as I got people to laugh at me for being stupid. Not been intellectual. My confident is in Christ alone.

I’m still very impressed by my leader,Wee Leong. He took every and any opportunity to interact with the students. Sharing with them, inviting them to the “No-Kia” Factor. Exciting them for the event. Something I think I’m still lacking in the areas of passion for the lost.

The rest of the people, Roger, Kingsan and Serene did make lotsa of effort to make all the people to gel up the group… Thk God for their efforts.

Oh another thing, I really thanked God for was I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Zhen Yang who was quiet most of the time. God provided a common topic which was “motorbike”. We were yakking and yakking non stop about the different models of bikes. I think we can talk about bike for the whole day.

I think I caught this kind of passion from my dad. Always so engross about the bike. Hmm… I prayed that I can do the same for sharing the good news in the years to come. I’ll dream, eat, sleep, think etc abt sharing the gospel.

Overall, the whole event was blessed by the Lord. A lot of changed agenda. Too many surprises from the Lord. I’m not sure whether my heart can take these kind of surprises. However, with the Lord’s help I think I can. I would say that it was a success.

Thank God for using various people in making this a success in the Lord.

Thank God for Ginny for making the egg mayo. It was delicious. Thank God for her for been so ‘powerful’ in taking care of the 2 and 1/2 children so that Wee Leong can be free to interact with the students. Btw, the 1/2 children refers to her son currently in her womb now.

Thank God for Wee Leong, been a leader who is so supportive to our last min planning of this event. He wasn’t there to diminish our spirit.

Thank God for Serene’s sunshine spirit. Without her smile and laughter and her ability to laugh at herself being suan. Not very edifing for her image but it does add on to her treasure in heaven.

Oh of coz and her friends.

Thank God for Roger’s willingness to be blend into the whole conversation even though at times he wasn’t sure what we were talking about.

Thank God for Kingsan for planning the games and getting the drinks. Even though at the end, we didn’t play a single game at all.

Thank God for Li Jie for making such wonderful and nice jelly.

Thank God for everyone who endured reading this horrible lengthy blog of mine.

Last of all, Thank God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Did I left out anyone??? Oh yeah, I forgot to thank myself for been so full of myself. Lame and at times cannot be understood by people. Who was left out in one of thoes dusty shelf. Who cares? The Lord Jesus does! Amen? AMEN!!!


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