… Still feeling not so good… but better than yesterday. Thks Dawn for praying for me and encouraging me! Gonna give tonight’s Praise and Pray amiss coz I’m having too much things on my schedules… Need to do my Bible Study, my tutorials, my circuit revision booking, attending a friend’s birthday chalet, attending her baptism session, packing the goodies bags for No-Kia Factor, go for prayer retreat… the list continues.

This is horrible… Grasping of air… Hey wait a minute. I kinda of enjoy this kind of life. So long as I still serving the King and not the kingdom. Yupz… must remind myself to do that. Must allow the mundane things affect my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

One more plus hour to go before I knock off… Leap for joy!!! Weekends!

Meeting a sister tonite to shop for two presents for my brothers in Christ. So busy until I have to do a last minute shopping. Hence, not attending the Praise and Pray tonite. Well, God will forgive me. =)

Gonna treat her to a meal at Lemon Grass… I think. Still deciding. Gonna make her treat me cheese cake. Oh I have a weakness for cheese cake other than chocolate. All these food will make me fat, but who cares… the most I go home and do a few more cruches and push ups.

“Cheese cake! Cheese cake!”

I think I will also spend some time in prayer and sharing with this wonderful sister in Christ… Amen.


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