2wks had passed since the No-Kia factor.


Had the opportunity to meet up with Wee Leong for Man2Man last Thursday. He went through a primary role. A rather interesting and helpful test for me to have a better understanding of my primary role. What are my keys roles which I am stronger in.

Hence, I can used it for my ITE ministry. Praise God for providing such a single-minded and specialized Man2Man leader. I had benefited much from the test.

How God answered our prayers

Another thanksgiving, Wee Leong had shared was about our target to form 4 ITE teams for the No-Kia Factor. It reminded me that when our ITE Discipleship Team wanted to entrust that God will provide us 4 Teams from the ITE to the No-Kia Factor.

By the grace of God, we did have 4 Teams from the ITE. He provided 2 teams from our invitation through one of the E1 outreach. While the other two teams was through sister Serene and Tze Ting. Praise the Lord for using these two sisters in reaching out to these friends. Furthermore, the 4 teams formed mainly were from ITE Bishan. We didn’t purposely plan it. Another thanksgiving item.

Currently, we had sorted them to their teams. Planning some outing so that we can establish further friendship. Hopeful in the near future, God will touch their hearts and they make their own decision to come to the Lord.

Wee Leong had entrusted the planning to me. Hopeful with the Lord’s strength and grace I can do it.

Need to be Away

I will be looking forward to my short trip to Batam this coming week. Wanted a time of solitary away from the usual people whom I meet. Need to seek God for some major decisions in my life. My direction for the next 6mths, my walk with the Lord, relationship issue… etc.

Though I’ll away, my heart will still be near to those whom are close to my heart. I will take this time to pray for some of them.

Hopeful, when I come back… I will be as radiant as Moses when he came down from the mountain after his encounter with God Almighty.

Please pray that:

1) My time with the Lord will be a fruitful one.

2) I will not be distracted by all the seasports activities provided. I enjoy such these kind

of activities. They will not take away my attention with the Lord.

3) I will fall in love with the Lord again and again.

Thanks people.

A bit brain dead. Lack of sleep or else… it will be another 5page email… ha ha ha.

Have a blessed wk ahead people!


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