…Was feeling bored yesterday. Finished my pile of work in the morning, leaving the rest of the afternoon stoning away. Felt not a good steward of time, print out James 5 and did 6 verses of bible study on that chapter. Trying hard to observe as many things as possible in the 6 verses. After 1 and 1/2, my brain went on “a break strike”. It refused to think anymore…

…4plus. Wondering what I will be doing later. “Nothing”… hmm, the word nothing sounded boring. Took my trusty Nokia 6150 and started smsing. PW wasn’t free to jio people out. Went out with LW yesterday, suppose to watch Bruce Almighty but the 7plus show in Cathy Cineleisure and Golden Village PS were sold out. Don’t think I will ask him out again. Fixed an appointment with him to watch next week.

…Scrolling down my phone list. Stopped at Mich. Hmm… maybe she was with Tim and Co. Smsed her and got back a message saying she was having tuition later on. Asked me to sms Joy, she was with Tim and Co. Smsed Joy and asked her about her plans later on in the evening.

She had no plans and don’t mind coming down to town to accompany me for dinner.

“HUH!?!?” my brain exclaimed.

Called her back to confirm her decision.

… Meet her at Bodyshop in Raffles shopping center. We proceed to Magic Wok at Capitol. Bumped into Hongsi but she didn’t see me saying hello to her. My stomach urged me to fill him up first. Halfway, Joy and I saw this gigantic structure for some art festival thing. Peek over at the booth to find out what was it all about. A sweet and nice lady approached us and explained about it.

A 4 minutes show in a rotating platform.

Had our temperature taken and waited at the designated queue. Went in the structure after few minutes. We were asked to removed our footwear and stepped into this circular platform along with several people present. One of the guys in charge told us to lie flat on our backs and looked at the ceiling where the show will be projected on.

He briefed us that if anyone of us felt giddy or wanted to vomit. Shout the word “Hamburger”. Huh, what a weird word to shout instead of the usual. “Stop”

If I wanted to vomit I would puke at Joy… ha ha ha.

The show started and ended in 4 mins just like what the lady said. Was quite an experience though I could really catch what the narrator was saying except the last few words. “Boring, boring, boring…”

Dropped my comments and left for Magic Wok.

Had my Thai Fried Vermicelli. I still couldn’t pronounce the word. “Vermicelli”. Ver-mic-el-li, ver-mi-cel-li, ver-mi-whatever. Haiz.

Joy decided to go back to Suntec and shop for Father’s Day present. Oh no~! I going to walk back to my workplace. Well~!

Took the pathway from Citylink. Went in Happy House and looked at the Pig which Dorothy had. The pig was indeed CUTE~!

Dorothy is so blessed to have the pig in small, medium and large size.

We entered another shop, ‘Cartoonpix’ ‘Pixtoons’ where the salesgirl promoted ‘Gloomy Bear’. A cute and adorable bear with hugh claws.

Along the way, she kept insisting I had an ugly blue checked shirt. The checked shirt which I wore every monday… b’coz of Monday blues. Too bad my ego is too big to be affected by her comment. I still think that the checked shirt is still ok.

Moved down to the fountain foodcourt area…

“NYDC, NYDC cheesecake… Someone own me a NYDC cheesecake…”, I exclaimed. Just like a little boy wanting candy from his parents minus the wailing part. Hee.

Anyway, Joy didn’t treat me any cheesecake at all. I treated her Yumi Yogurt instead.

Hey, I realised that quite a no of people I know got special treatment from me. It’s more bless to give then receive. I guess I enjoyed treating people when I have the cash. Especially when it’s near payday.

Joy visited Ashworth and saw a nice and good quality Polo T for her dad. Well, good quality and branded stuff comes with a price. It’s $62.

Thinking of getting one for my dad too, but not Ashworth. There are other brands which have equally good quality Polo T like Crocodile.

Joy suggested heading to Esplande Roof garden. Took some pictures there… will post them once I downloaded to my PC.

Picture taken at Esplande roof garden

Picture taken with Joy…

Enjoyed the sea breeze there. Shared about some issues in life before she surprised me with another suggestion.

“How long will it take you to go home?”, she asked.

“Huh? 30mins…”, I answered.

“Your bike is at home?”, she asked again.

“Yeah…”, I replied.

“Can I take a ride?”, she asked shyly(I think)

“… … let’s go…”, quite dumbfounded.

So far, no gal had surprised me with such sudden suggestion. She was one of the rare find. What an interesting sister in Christ.

Reached home around 40mins.

Asked her to wait for me while I changed into my comfy clothes.

Grap my extra helmet and walked down to meet her.

Loosen my bike chain before ferry her home. I was travelling at 80~90km/h because of safety reason.

Managed to arrive at her block before 1120pm. And the mishap happened. She got off from the wrong side of the bike. She got scalded by the engine exhaust. I felt remorsed by that although it only a small burn.

Bidded her good night as I speed home. Enjoyed the wind blowing across my face.

Arrived home at about 1135pm.

Smsed Joy that I reached home and asked her to take care.

My boring evening turned out pretty interesting. Thanks to this wonderful sister in Christ. Prayed that the burn will heal fast. If not I will felt so bad for causing it…

It’s friday liao… Have a blessed weekend, everyone!


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