Praise the Lord! I am a qualified Class 2A rider now. After a long wait of 2 years, I finally obtain my Class 2A licence.

Was so anxious the whole morning for the test. Take the map of the test route and prayed for each and every stations that I would be tested. Praise the Lord for answering my prayers.

Not only a joy, it was a joy mulitplied by 3times. Firstly, I passed my Class 2A. Secondly, today is my last day to renew my licence before it expires. Finally, my Class 2A student booklet also needed to be renewed. Hence, by passing today’s test. I saved up $25 for addition Class if I would to pass another time. Another $20 for the renewal of student booklet. And yet another $90 for two more practises and Traffic Police test. A total of $135 saved. I can used this amount of money for other good used like funding some of friends in the Christian full time ministry, used then to buy something which I always wanted to buy but don’t dare to buy.

The Lord tremendously good to Raymond especially today. Well, He is still good to me everyday, but especially today!!!

I’m just a step closer to my 2A dream bike, Super Four, Spec II. Lalalala…. lalala… On cloud nine now.


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