… Gone out with her to have dinner before I shop for some Father’s day gift while she looked around for the little bag which she can put her bible, handphone, purse, keys etc…

Supposed to eat at the famous ‘You Chi’ noodle advertised by City Beat. Walked around to didn’t find it. Decided to settle for some duck rice, when I mentioned that she might be able find some nice and chic bag in Beach Road market. Then I further added she can also eat her favourite peanut soup(AhBoLing). Saw her eyes sparkled. Asked her whether she wanted to eat at Bugis Street, declined my question and said that she would eat at Beach Road market since she wasn’t hungry.

Hmm… I decided to give my dinner amiss at Bugis Street. She was dumbfounded. Assured her it’s okie, since she will own me a meal at Bugis Street(I presumed it myself).

Left for Bugis Junction to look for my dad’s gift, a Polo T. Found none. Either the colour was not right or the design was ugly.

Took the MRT to Lavendar, had a good time suaning her… hee. Actually, we weren’t sure the stall would still be open at that hour, 8plus.

I took a peek over the stall… YES! It’s still open for business. Thank God~! We didn’t go there for nothing.

Her eyes sparkled again. Hmm… she has nice pair of eyes though not those big big eyes which can melt the hearts of many men. I think she still can melt some hearts out there. They didn’t melt my heart… I just noticed them. I guess it’s my instinct to observe people. Anyway, I do hope and pray that she will find that someone special who will love and appreciate her.

Order two bowls of the peanut soup and a plate of Char Siew Rice for myself. Goodness I had not been eating char siew rice for ages. Slurp… *Burp* Excuse me for my rudeness.

Both the Char Siew Rice and Peanut soup were good. I’m satisfied. Rubbing my tummy… Hee.

Walked up to the Army market to search for some bags which would catch her eyes but found none. I realised that the whole army market look much more cleanier and neatier. It is now well lightened.

Sent her home afterward. Hmm… I’m still short of a gift for my dad. I guess I will treat him to a nice dinner on Sunday itself. Thank God for Father’s Day~!


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