Tuesday – 17/06

…Was out eating sushi on Tues with a group of unplanned group… consisting of Tim, Wern, Jason, Joshua, Sin Fee, Galv, Kel Tan, Mich, Dorothy, Joy, Eve and not forgetting myself… what a group. Had not been out with such a big group since I left poly. We were at Suki Sushi in Lot 1.

I discovered that everytime, I meet some of these people in the west… I will always have to run from West Mall to Lot 1. The last two times, I was at Lot 1 cinema while the rest is in West Mall, This time round I was at West Mall when they were at Lot 1. Goodness, it’s like playing hide and seek… F…u…n…n…y…~!

The sushi was good… but wasn’t the best coming from the mouth of someone who had been to Japan. Well, I just contented with whatever they had. “I eat to live and live to eat”… hee.

Sitting with Galv, Kel Tan, Sin Fee, Eve and Wern proved to be hilarious… Galv was commented that why did Wern to bring so many under… Beep. when there should be some sets at his hometown. The word ‘sets’ sparked of many laughters. We were teasing Galv over it. Din know under…Beep comes in sets… You mean there are sets of Mon, Tues, Wed blah blah… Lol. Been the only lady in the table, Eve was been bombarded by our censored language… Goodness…

Proceeded to Gelare for our little dessert, waffles with a scoope of ice-cream. Treated Galv and Dorothy to a plate, another plate was shared among 4 of them while Tim and I shared.

Sitting in between Joy and Tim proved to be another entertaining affair with Tim suaning Joy mercilessly while I added some spices to favor the suaning… I’m evil. Leaving Joy vexed… Oopz… I’m just too ‘encouraging’ liao. Gonna stop. Building my ego at the expenses of her… Okie, gonna find something encouraging to encourage her.

Parted with the group and headed home alone, when I received a sms from Mich saying that she had a wonderful and enjoyable dinner. More so b’coz it was a impromptu one. Couldn’t agree more…

Wednesday – 18/06

… Watched ‘Finding Nemo’ yesterday with some of the group, I met the day before. Met up early for dinner prior to the show. Had this so called Lasi Lemak dinner set which I never failed to eat whenever I am in P.S. Will post them once I download them into my computer. Go and try it. It’s value for money and nice. Oh do take plenty of chilli. It’s really excellent… with ika bilis mixed.

Tim and his trademark sign…

Galv’s food…


‘Finding Nemo’ was a well reviewed movie and it had. Actually, I realised that it was more of a father and son animation. And Father’s day was 4 days back… I’m sure those fathers who had watched the show with their sons on Father’s day would have find the show meaningful. Nevertheless, it prompted me to think about my relationship with my own dad. Yes, my dad is not perfect. He, too have his shortcoming. However, I still want to model his life… Over the years, my relationship with him grew not b’coz of my own effort rather it was God’s intervention. I believed that was one of the greatest blessing my Heavenly father had bestowed upon my life. Dad, I love you. God loves you even more~!


trying to speak like a whale. Those who had watched the show will understand this last sentense. *Laughing hysterically*


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