… back from the retreat yesterday. It was both enriching and tiring experience. Little sleep, lots of talking and seeking after the Lord. The four days, three nights went past with a blink of an eye.

Day One of Retreat

Before the whole retreat had started, I had already experience the Lord’s blessing. I was having doubts on whether I would be able to make it since my leave was pending on the actual day. I was praying madly for the Lord to create a miracle to allow me be there without having to worry about my work.

Praise God! My leave was signed in the morning and thus I was able be on leave after 12pm.

My heart skipped a beat for that. I tried to clear as much work as I could.

Packed my stuff and cleared my table. Print out some notes for the recreation. Went over to Marine Burger King, had this new burger which was launched. Grabbed a quick bite before sped down to Navigators building.

Quite a no. of teens and labourers had arrived. Greeting them before settled down and changed to my sports wear. Shortly, they were getting ready to clean up the place while Hungkiat and I retreated to one corner to go through our recreation. Checking the procedure and the logistics need for each games that we played.

After Kia Yuan finished his briefing, we started our indoor recreation. Had quite abit of hard time trying to get these people to settle down. I wasn’t in the mood to try to catch their attention. My engine was still running cold… I guessed I was still trying to put off the hectic week at work. Nevertheless, thanked God they were able to settle down after much prompting.

Started out first game, ‘Scissors, paper, talcum powder’. The game was played in a such a way when the loser would get a stroke of talcum powder drawn on his/her face. The game were played for 3rounds, 10mins each.

Everyone was having lotsa of fun in this game. Many of their faces were painted white. Carried on with some other more games… Ended the last game with everyone trying to have the most cloth packs on his/her body. I was impressed by Jas that she could put so many of them on her face and not feel any pain. I was the last to played… couldn’t put much on my arms… I should have tried put the on my tummy, I could have a better chance of winning.

After washed up, when everyone was thinking that the speaker, Tah Chong would start with the topic of Vision of Disciple-Making. Kingmum told the teens that they would having TMS(Topical Memory System) Quiz. Everyone was booing.. that don’t play this kind of practical joke. It was scheduled in the program sheet.

Hee, it was part of our planning to include TMS Quiz anytime of the retreat. Most of them were taking aback but they did their best for it.

How I wish, I could participate in the TMS. It was my motivation every time, I go to camp… it’s was a highlight for me in the camp. However, over the years there wasn’t chance for me to challenge with anyone over 60verses… most of the time, the quiz only stopped till 30verses. In order to encourage the younger ones to participate. Now, I’m a labourer, there wasn’t much chances to compete with anyone anymore.

15mins after the unprompted TMS Quiz, TC began his message.

What is vision of disciple-making?

“A clear mental image of a preferable future imprinted by God to His servants and is based upon an accurate understanding of God, self and circumstance.”

It’s investing your life in the life of another, with the aim of helping him/her to grow and mature as a fruitful life.

Matthew 4:19 – “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

However, there are cataracts in disciple-making if we don’t deal with them properly.

1) Shallow conversion

2) Faulty discipleship

3) Making poor transitions of new phases of life

4) Overcome by the cares of this world

5) Lacking God’s wisdom

The ending note… “Start Investing Your Life today…”

Had a 15mins short prayer for the various aspects of the camp.

The last program for the night was conducted by Chris Lian, Serendipity. An interesting time of making the various group(F.A.I.T.H) to promote their team to apply for a job from the Navigators. It was a wonderful time.. The night were on a higher note when Kenneth make a presentation on behalf of the labourers. I almost fell from the chair with him making such presentation… eg. our combined prayer hours was something x 10 to the power of 53 hrs. We fed 1000 people blah blah. All these chaps. It was a hilarious.Only he could have such an ability to make the whole session a laughter-filled time.

Finally, it was time for wash up… Day one of the retreat was over…

To be continued…


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