Day Two of Retreat – Part 1

Did Quiet Time on Romans 8:1-17. I was rather an interesting passage… but did dwell very much into the passage. My mind was half here, half somewhere else.

Breakfast was great. Had a packet of fried mee hoon and another packet of fried mee. I’m a pig. Ate the entire two packet by myself. Lol.

Roy came timely for his message on F.A.I.T.H. Roy was my spiritual mentor when I was in Singapore Polytechnic. He is a insightful, wisdom and humble man of God. The few Man to man sessions helped me through some of my difficult issues in my life.

F – aithful

A – vailable

I – nitiative

T – eachable

H – umble

That was the break out of his message. He started off with the last alphabet.


Humbility is seeing ourselves as who we are… not more, not less.

Humbility needs to be cultivated and protected.

God loves the humble


A continous eagerness to learn and to be taught

We stopped being teachable when we think that we had known everything.

We need to constantly desire to learn to keep in step with the Father.

We can learn from everyone, young or old.


Jesus took the initiative in many of the passage in Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. Eg. Feeding the thousands, calming the storm, washing his disciples feet etc…

We don’t take the initiative b’coz it is unimportant.

Thus, we need to be initiative…. to complete the Lord’s task


We can be available for the wrong reasons.

Sometimes, be are available to ministry b’coz we want to run away fromour home.

Sometimes been available means to stay in the ministry too.

Be available even it is boring, mundance etc.


Do things well, not for the things that can be seen but not seen.

“Our goal in life is to please HIM whether visuable or invisuable.”

Lastly, Faithfulness & Humbility are the two pillars while Availability, Initiative and Teachablity are the application of Faithfulness & Humbility.

To be continued…


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