Praise and Pray

… Oops it’s already 12plus so can’t say it’s tonite’s Praise and Pray was excellent. The focus was the Youth Sunday.

Thankful I was able to finish up my work for yesterday. Rush to church from work… though I was tired, I still wanted to go down to be recharged and refreshed.

Decided to go to Greenridge to have a quick dinner. Saw the rest of the lighthse and livingstone CG so joined in to their table. Grabbed my economical rice and ate.

Left briefly so that I could prepare my heart to worship the Lord in the sanctuary… Pastor Fabian led in the worship, my heart was kinda of not right to worship the Lord. Thankfully, Pastor KK started a

session of prayer to prepare our hearts to worship the Lord. Prayed together with Ben. My spirit was better after that prayer session.

After which Pastor KK asked the congregation to pray for the youths in the sanctuary. We left for a briefing before departing to do prayer walk. Barnabas, Ruihao and Huiqi shared of their burden for the people out there… Praise God for their hearts. Although their sharing were different but common thing was they want people to come to know the Lord.

Looiyi gave us a short briefing and requested us to pair up in groups of four. Two brothers and two sisters. Wise choice. In this way, we can talk to anyone… if there are guys, as brothers we can help to advertise the Catch, if gals, the sisters can take over. Zhen yang, Shuping and another sister who I didn’t bother to find out her name were in the same group as I was.

Along the way, there were people who rejected us flatly. There were those we were quite okie about it. Yes, there were discouragements… it just made my heart aches to see them rejected to have a chance to get to know God a step closer… They were not rejecting us but they were rejecting God instead. We prayed for them… that God will bring other people to come into their lives in the future to minister to them.

I remembered I did not come to know the Lord straight away… but it’s those faithful ones who ministered to me one way or another that I am who I am now.

When we were about to return to church , we met an elderly lady in her 80s. She was having difficulties getting down from the escalator. Zhen Yang helped her down while I helped her with her groceries… she began to relate her life to us. Interestingly, the rest of the group wasn’t able to speak well hokkien… so I was left to interact with her more… Shuping was there to communicate to her to make her more at ease.

She kept saying it’s her good fortunate that she bumped into us. We knew it’s we divine appointment from God. Shuping and I was trying to relate that it was God’s blessing bestow upon her. Tried inviting her to our Hokkien service. Was kinda of difficult b’coz she was hard of hearing… hence we repeated a few times… Nevertheless, the message was brought across. Hopeful and prayerful she would come to the service. Accompanied back to her doorstep. Her son wasn’t very pleasant to see strangers like us accompanied his mum back.

Yet, he continued to thank us… and closed the door behind us. I was troubled by the son’s reaction… will I do that when my parents are old and slow…. I questioned myself. I prayed that I will not be like that when my parents grew old and slow.

Zhen Yang led a short prayer for this granny as we walked. I echoed his prayer. We headed back to church. The rest of the groups had already gathered back. Looiyi was asking for any testimony to be shared. Zhen Yang took the initiative to share about our group’s encounter with the elderly lady. I believed it as a blessing to the rest of my brothers and sisters. Looiyi shared that the harvest was not only for the youth… although our focus was the youth last nite. I could agree more… the Father’s heart is burden of all His creation… young, old, healthy, sick, rich or poor they are all precious in my Father’s eyes.

Ended the night with Zhen Yang, Royston, Alvin and Looiyi saying the concluding prayer…

Youth Sunday… I’m excited, so are those people who had been praying hard for it.

Catch the soul, the vision and the fire. Come join us… and be blessed


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