… First and foremost, all praise and appluase to my one and only God. I can’t believed that it had just ended. All the hard work accomplished over the two services. However, I totally must agree that it was worth it.

The whole two services were more than SUPERB. The dancers danced with so much energy. The singers sung with their hearts out. The worship team played tremendously well. The ushers were warm and welcoming, so much hospitality were exhibated. The logistics team, the hospitality team… and there were so many other people who had contributed so much into today’s event.

This can only be done when God united and kindled our hearts together to execute such a big event.

God be the glory~! Amen~!

The 1st service was already pretty packed… which to me it was kinda of surprising coz normally there will be still a few section of the sanctuary not occupy. The 2nd service was even more amazing. The whole sanctury was packed till the people from the Young People’s Ministry(YPM) need to give up their seats to the adult. Praise God… that could mean there are people whom we invited in the streets or the friends we invited came.

“O, What A Catch!”

The speaker for today’s sermon was Pastor David Leong from the Scripture Union. He used John 21:1-22 to talk about the disciples encounter with the Lord Jesus.

After Jesus resurrention, he appeared to His disciples a 2nd time… to remain them that they need to fish on the correct side… not so much as in literal sense but a spiritual sense. They need to catch Men instead of fishes. In other words, catch the vision of the Lord’s heartbeat. Disicple-making.

Though, today is a youth sun… the sermon I felt was not targeted to the youth only… it was for the adult as well. As much as we need to catch the vision of disciple-making. We need mentors which this the adults to help us with the monitor our progession and encourage on the vision.

In order for us to maintain the vision. We need to:

– Fall deeply in love with Jesus to know his heartbeat for the lost.

– Feed His lambs/take care of His sheep. What better way to really serve, is to minister to the lost and the believers.

– Follow Jesus all the way. Indeed I like what Pastor David mention. We, the YPM should not treat Pastor Swee Boo, Matt and Looyi as God, the Father, Son and Spirit. It will be a grave mistake to look at men. Man will fail and disappoint but God will not. They are there help, encourage and inspired. not there to give us eternal life. Only God has the power to do that.

David gave a altar call for both the pre-believers and christians who want to surrender or rededicate their lives back to Jesus. There were quite a no of ladies who stood up. Praise God for these people. I pray and hope that their encounter wil not just stop in the sanctury today but a beginning in to their daily walk with the Lord… that it will be a daily encounter with the Lord Jesus.

I’m Dying

After the service, we break for lunch and headed to Singapore Polytechnic for a games day. Had fewa good games of frisbee with Kel Tan, Kel Choo, Willie, Ian, Ronald, Ben, two other guys and myself. I was totally wrapped out.

Moments after the games, my brain started to go dead, my whole body began to grow weak. I couldn’t concentrate… everything around me began spinning. Felt dizzy. Went to the toilet to throw out… I think I practically threw out my entire lunch… went up the audience stand to rest… still not okie. Felt terrible. My guess was that I dun have enough rest the night before at Tim’s place. Slept at 2am. I had to admit I’m no longer young liao. Got to take good care of my physical body. Must start planning a exercise program for either running or swimming. To work out my heart and bulid my stamina…

Thanked God for Kel Choo who was senstive enough to ask about my condition. Advised me to drink some sugared water to replenished my lost energy. Took a few slips, felt slightly better. Took some rest… then the headache came back again. Excruciating pain encamped me. I felt like dying…

He suggested I join them for dinner even though I coudn’t eat with such condition so that I could recover in time to ride my bike. It was too dangerous to ride. Hopped into his car…

As they ordered their food, I sat there with my cup of 100plus. Glutted down one can and stoned there. While Kel Choo ordered another can for me. Glutted down after I was slightly better. Rest some more… When the whole gang finished their dinner. Someone in the table prayed for me while the rest bow in prayer… wait I started to recall. Josh and Johnny prayed for me. Kel and Johnny laid their hands on me while Josh prayed aloud.

Kel, Zhen Yang and I parted with the rest of the people after the prayer. My headache was gone, I felt almost completely healed. I was praising God as I made my way to Kel’s car. He drove me back to my bike which was parked at SP. He was cared enough to say that he will escort me from behind…

I lost them along the way when there was a red traffic light which cut us… I smsed them including those seated at the table that I was safe and sound. Praise God for sustaining my life.

It made me realised that my life is just vulnerable without God. I can just die if God will stop my breath for a few mins. Then I will start to be brain dead and die. Praise God my creator who loves me enough to allow me to breathe. Amen~!

My life is His… and His alone.

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” – Gal 2:20


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