… woke up and felt dizzy. Did my mundance things in the morning… brushin, washin and visitin the toilet… It’s Sat.

Turn on my computer, and received news of someone death died in his workplace. A cloud of sadness hanged over my head. He also mentioned that the person died at 9am earlier this morning. Reflecting on this and realised that I was so priviledge to be alive to grumble on my mundance life while somewhere in S’pore… a life was left without having the strength to breathe anymore.

I prayed a short prayer for the decreased family members. Asking God to comfort and restore the family. Prayed that there will be people there to comfort them finanically, emotionally and spiritually. This is the least I can do for them.

Comfort them Lord!

I’m still very sad and burdened to read an email last night. I felt disturbed and troubled. My heart ached for the person. Moreso, because I can’t do anything to change the situation around. It’s beyond me. It’s not my duty to change it. I shouldn’t be in the picture at all. God should be the One who will comfort and guide in the person’s journey.

I will just leave it as it is… minding my own business… though it’s not my style. I’m not God.

Pardon my mindless… rattling in a early sat morning…

Hmm… looking at the bright side, I am going to Raffles Hotel Jubilee Hall for a Musical play later.

Going to cut my unkempt and horribly long hair.

Short and neat is still the best for me.

Blessed weekend!


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