… Came back from the Streetwise Run at Sentosa. Thanks Rebecca for inviting me to the run. I was joined with fellow christian brothers and sisters like Tim, Ian, Chong Wee, Joy, Zhiyin and Rebecca. We didn’t participate on the 10.5km competitive run. We ran the 5.5km community run.

For someone who had stopped running for 1 and half year, it’s a achievement. Even since I started working I had not put running or jogging as part of my exercise schedule.

My stamina had dropped tremendously bad. 2 years ago, running was nothing to me… having clocked 9:21 for IPPT achieving gold standard. 2 years later, I doubt I can even clocked 12:40 the minimum for bronze standard.

All the eating of supper, feast to one self delight… gaining the spare tyre. Don’t do go for me… hee.

Reflecting on this, it’s the same for my spiritual life. If I don’t take time to exercise my spiritual body. I will not be able to endure the future demanding hardship. Hence, I will continue to take time to pray, do my Quiet Time, do my Bible Study etc. to exercise my spiritual body.

Seriously, I ought to take time to plan in my running/jogging schedule into my routine. At least twice a week. If not, for the coming IPPT in Nov… I will be failing the test. Haiz.


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