… Yesterday’s CG was alittle different from the norm. Joshua led in a time charade. Everyone of us took turns to act out a character from the bible. I happened to take the more difficult ones.

Acting out the character Jocab was easy. Tried throwing some punches here and there… but it looked more like boxing than wrestling. Roped in Joshua to act a scene of wrestling. Johnny and Jasmina could not give the correct. We decided to drop bigger hints like a whole nation was named after him, his hip bone was been touch by the angel of the Lord etc. They still couldn’t give the correct answer.

We decided to reveal the answer.

“It’s was Jocab!”

After some much fun and laughters, Joshua commented that we were still very lacking in our bible knowledge. He did it in a manner of encouragement and not putting down those who were not so knowledgable. He reminded us that we need to read the bible more often. I was encouraged by the way he inspired the rest of us to get back to God’s word instead of putting us down.

The time of worship was led by Jasmina… though we could not sing the last song well… I believed the Lord was pleased. It was how good we can sing individually or how well we can sing in unison… Worship was never about us. It is about God and God alone. Indeed, the Lord God Almighty is worthy of our praise.

Joshua took the rest of the time to share his heart for the CG in the coming months. He wants us to focus on being more sensitive to the Lord’s prompting. Hence, the theme for the upcoming months was “Find the Father’s heart”.

He hoped that we will spend more time to seek the Lord through prayer. I was tasked to embark on the 1st session which is the upcoming week CG.

It’s a new beginning, a new journey for Lighthouse 1…

My personal prayer is our heart be conditioned to be align to God’s hearthear, Ears to in tune to hear God’s gentle whisper and eyes to open to see the wonders of His intervention.

Oh by the way, we have a new CG name… we are called the “N.U.@.H” CG.

‘N’ stands for Nurture our CG members

‘U’ stands for United in the CG

‘@’ stands for @difying one another

‘H’ stands for Honor God which is the pillar for us to Nurture, Unite and @dify one another. We will do all the three because we want to Honor God.


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