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More than enough…

December 30, 2009 2 comments

As the 2009 is approaching to an end… it also marks as the end of our courtship as singles… From next month onwards, it will start as our first month together as married couple…

God gave you to me to be a help mate… you are more than what I ask for as a gf… there are many virtues that through our courtship that I discovered along the way… many told me you have a beautiful voice. I didn’t notice it till one day, you were leading in the worship that I discovered that you have such voice.

Watching you from afar, I was glad that God gave you this gift to sing… more so leading others to worship God. These days though you have distant yourself from using this gift… I pray that one day, you will use this to worship God again…

Like the song, you are more than enough for me (besides God) … I thank God for allowing you to come into my life to brighten it up.

Happy 67th Month together!!!

My Beau & Me


Thanksgivings for 2009

December 28, 2009 3 comments

Looking back on 2009, there were so many things to be thankful of… things that God gave to our surprised… brothers and sisters in christ who gave much to us… family members to show their love in their own unique ways.

I slowed down my business this year in preparation for my wedding… there were just too many things on my plate. Thank God, he gave me enough grace and strength to go thru each and every one of them.

  1. Attended to date the most wedding of my entire life… 14 to be exact. I couldn’t attend 2 other due to unforeseen circumstances… gave a choice I would love to witness their wedding. Out of 14… I was brother for 7 of them… very season brother already… lost quite a no of hairs along the way…
    3 of them are my closest brothers in Christ. Galvin & Charmaine’s wedding I witnessed alot of God’s favor to the couple. I could experience the couple’s desire to share with the guest their joy and blessings. Junhao and Geok Choo’s wedding, I witness God’s sovereignty there were just too many things that didn’t go quite right for them… in the end, God provided an unbelievable outcome that the couple was amazed. Nigel and Catherine’s wedding, I experience God’s grace… from the venue was last min changed to the groom was doing most of the stuff single handedly… God provided many people to help them through the wedding… so much so that I think they couldn’t ask for more.
  2. Jac was baptised this year after much hesitation… though I didn’t really get to witness her being dunked… everything happened in a blur… I’m just glad that she made that decision. Thank God for those who visited and wintessed her baptist. She got a new name… Jacqueline Breanne… the name appeared to very Ang Mo-ish. Breanne sounds like her surname.
  3. We obtained our place in the north with high floored. 19th floor to be exact. However, it will only be ready at the end of 2011.
  4. With the flat, we are also given 25k grant for our new place. Till date I still could quite figure out how did we manage to have it. Nevertheless, we thanked God for the such a hefty sum.
  5. My sister is married to a wonderful & loving husband whom without doubt is the best among all the bfs that she had dated. He loves her and loves our family too… and he enjoys eating too… a bonus coz I got one more kaki for makan… hahahaha…
  6. A desired church for our wedding. I remembered calling at least 30 churches to find out if their premises are open for non-members. Sadly, only a handful are available for us. We shortlisted and visited 3. Finally come down to 1. Even when we decided on the 1, there was an interesting encounter that left us laughing till this day. Yes, we booked our desired church.
  7. We managed to save some money on quite a no. of items for our wedding.
  8. We were featured in the Channel News Asia for 3 series… through that we got quite a no of good perks from our catering and others.
  9. I thank God for my dad who volunteered to help us do up the wagon for the page boy, the ice cream cart is still in the process and dad volunteered to gave up his room so that Jac has a place to stay before our BTO flat is ready.
  10. Jac has definitely one of my thanksgiving item… she had been really patience with me… with all my short fused moments… I was stressed over several things about the wedding… she was patience enough to let me make mistakes even though it might be heading the wrong direction. She is definitely the reason why I want to marry her in the first place… Oh Yes, I finally managed to proposed to her successfully… at my 3rd attempt… hahaha…
  11. Last but not least, God for being my Provider, Father & Lord…

There are still alot of thanksgiving items… if I go and count them in details… I dun think this entry can complete. 2009 is coming to an end… it was a great year.
2010 is going to be even a greater year… because I will be reuniting wif my long lost bone… and God is definitely going to see me thru 2010.

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Your grace is enough

December 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Indeed God’s grace is enough… I only need to depend on his abudent grace… One more mth before my BIG day…

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All I want for Christmas is you…

December 24, 2009 Leave a comment

All I want for Christmas is you, Jesus 🙂

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Overdue bday celebration for Chewy

December 19, 2009 2 comments

Finally managed to have time to celebrate our dear fren’s bday…

We had dinner at KIMS family restaurant… initially, I had difficulty finding the place… and I was running late… then an idea came in… I took out my iPhone and key in the rd name… and Wala… the map came out… just follow my blue dot… when I parked my yellow boy. Follow the blue dot and finally found the restaurant… hehe.

KIMS Family Restaurant

The Bday boy

The newly wed 🙂

The food we ate and fellowship we had.

After the dinner, we went over to Old Town to satisfy Chewy’s cravings for caffaine… had kaya + butter wif breads and ice cream wif bread… woohoo… overload wif sinful goodies…

Shared abit about M’sia chinese… I admire their courage and diligent to cross over the borders to work and study… some of our christians brothers and sisters likewise worked hard… I’m both encouraged and amazed by their faith and the need for their survival in a fast moving society like S’pore.

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Interview with CNA

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Today marked the last filming wif CNA… it was an interesting journey… that Jac and I gained much from the experience… we had a wonderful and patient producer who helped us thru every process… ensuring that we were comfortable and reassure us time and time again that we were doing fine in front of the camera…

It’s tough job… wif all the glamour and publicity… there were so much work put in, just to show mere few mins on the TV… Wow…

We learnt to appreciate the amount of work put behid behind the scene.

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December 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Just completed my ippt test… It’s Shiok to be able to run and not be breathless… Halfway thru e run, my hunger started… My right knee cap started to be sore… Nevertheless, I continue my run… I completed e run wif timing 3 mins faster than my 1st attempt a mth back…

Now at Empire State having a sumpteous dinner wif e guys…

The Place

Kelvin’s dinner


Look at the size of the hotdog… longer than my fork

Roger’s half chicken

Can’t get Roger to pose wif his food coz he was just too hungry… he just want to eat his dinner NOW!!!

The Bday boy… King

The Bday boy, the Cake & the Gorillia

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