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Unused or unwanted laptops wanted

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m helping my christian organization, the Navteens to look for unused or unwanted laptops to be given for their mission work in Philippines… if you have any, please donate them to me. It doesn’t matter if they are spolit or old. For those which are spolit, I will take the usable parts to fix up and revive the laptops.

If you need me to collect, I can do it after my work or in between my free hrs.

Do drop me any email if you have…


The Miniature Earth

March 16, 2010 2 comments

This video reminds me that I have a part to play in this place where I called my home. I had the privilege to have many things in life… I thanked God I had them… and I appreciated all that was bestowed upon me…

I had a good conversation with Jac… she was sharing in time to come, maybe we shld consider taking in children from home that abuse or neglect them… to nurture and give them love. I too had this thought for many mths but din mention it to her coz we dun have a home of our own yet… I shared to her that we can consider and pray about it… since both of us came from broken families… we know how it is to have the lack of love in the child’s heart…

God willing… we will pray that this desire will be materialized… drawing from God’s unfailing love…

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