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I need His grace badly…

I am blasting this song in my headphone… during this period of time… there are so many things needed my attention… I felt so stressed that my chest was tight and I felt pain… I hope I don’t have a cardiac arrest… and die, leaving my wife behind alone…

Dad wasn’t well for the last few day… I sent him to see the doc today. Called him later in the evening, he told me he is still unwell. Going to bring him to TTSH to see the doc tmr. I had a rough day at the end of day at my work today coz of an over demanding client, thankfully, my mind is still intact and focus… I just managed to draft out the email… going to send it out first thing in the morning. My health hasn’t been very good lately… I missed my long distance run… the weather was very punishing these days… one min it rained cats and dogs… next min it was extreme hot… I didn’t really sleep well due to that… I need to settle the HIP and LUP polling before I am away for my overseas trip… there are still some ministry stuff which I didn’t manage to do since mon due to my bad headache that refuse to leave me…

Stress stress stress…

Thankfully, I know I can run to Jesus for refuge and help… I need his grace badly… Ok reminder to self: One thing at a time…

Still need to wake up early tmr to get the form for dad to sign… and bring him to TTSH then rush to my work… then rush to pick up stuff for a gd fren’s wedding… woohoo…

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