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Waiting for things to happen has never been my forte… I dislike to wait for results.

I would rather go straight to e pt and get things done.

This period made me felt helpless because I cannot do anything to speed up the process… I can only wait and wait…

Like e Palmist wrote… “Where does my help come from, my help comes from God.”

I am reminded that my help comes from God. He has a greater purpose of why things happen in this manner.

Do I go ard blaming God for this… Of cos not! Do we expect all gd things and not bad things… I think we will be very childish to think this way…

We live in a fallen world that was already corrupted when sin entered into our world. It started when e 1st Man & Woman decided to disobey God and eat the fruit from e tree. The moment the act was done… Sickness, decay, pain, death had already penetrated into our world.

What dad is going thru was e act that was committed thousands of yrs back…

Right now, I am asking God to pardon him from this misery and recover soon. I am asking God to give him a chance to know this almighty God. I am asking for salvation for him so that one day he will have a perfect body without pain and suffering. He will enjoy the fullest of God’s love and grace in hid life.

Pls pray alongside wif me for my dad.

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