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Prayer requests

Dad went into ICU today…

I was shocked beyond belief…
He was transferred from high dependency ward to normal ward only yesterday night.

This afternoon he was rushed to be transferred to ICU.

They discovered that he was not breathing properly on his own… He ran a risk that his organs might malfunction if not enough oxygen is supplied to them. They had to put in a pipe to supply him oxygen…

Dad bled again in his stool… They had transfused blood to him if not they run a risk of blood pressure dropped.

Pls pray that dad:
1. Will stop bleeding so that they will not continue to transfuse blood to him
2. That e source of bleeding is from e existing 3 ulcers and not a new one.
3. The sample tissue they took for testing is not canerous.
4. His body and mind will be strong to stay alive.
5. His salvation.

Thank you so much…

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