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I need a miracle

I am at my lowest point right now… Docs did all e tests, scans, etc. The latest fluid from e brain doesn’t show why dad is not waking up.

My moral is at this stage low and lost.

I need a miracle.

There are still alot of things I have not done together with u. We have yet create all e good memories together.

Dad, you have yet to impart ur cooking skill to me. I need u to wake up… Dun sleep anymore.

Pls wake up and go home with us.

Lord, I need ur help… Pls grant dad e strength and power to wake up and his lungs to function normally so that he does not need to rely on e machine to breath.

Lord, if by taken away 10 yrs of my lifespan and give it to my dad… I am willing. I rather spend 10 yrs with him than spend 10 yrs without him… Pls Lord, I plead to u… Help my dad to wake up… 

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