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A small miracle…

Today is the fateful day that my dad was supposed to unplug from the life support system that aid him to breath…

The doc already told us to prepare for the worst that when the machine is unplug from him, he will be likely to stop breathing on his own since he only breath 10% -20% most of the time… because of the nature of his stroke that affected his breathing and his ability to wake up. The most catastrophic stroke of all, the brainstem is affected.

Jac and I went earlier than the appointed time… we wanted to share to dad how much Jesus loves him… the night before I preloaded some video from youtube for dad though he couldn’t response but we believed he can still hear us.

I shared with him about how God loves him… Jac shared with him Ps 23:4 that God will comfort him and take care of him…

Though the road is tough, we want him to know that Jesus will carry him through this journey… we believed that Jesus loves him deeply…

God was very gd to us… our relatives were not there at that point of time when we shared everything to him so we had a gd 15mins without disruption…

The time came at 11am when the doc had to unplug the life support system… we were away for 5mins when the doc and nurses did all the procedure…

When they called us back, dad was struggling with his breathing, heartbeat was irregular, blood pressure was low as well… the whole scene was very emotional… we were already prepared to let him go…

Few hrs later, dad was still struggling… when it was lunch time… some of the relatives, my mom, sister and brother in law decided to go for a quick bite.

Jac and I stayed behind just in case anything sudden happened… we continue to talk to dad… we thanked him for bringing us up, thanked him for him for his love for family, his selflessness, thanked him for making the pageboy cart, ice cream cart… that very the moment, when we witnessed that dad actually tried very hard to get up from his bed though his eyes were closed, his facial expression also showed that he could hear us… we were shocked but in my heart I was praying that he will open his eyes and talk to us… after abt 1 min, he leaned back to his resting position… we continued to talked to him… nothing really happened after that.

When the relatives and family members returned, we related what had happened earlier to them…

Few hrs later, Jac went and asked nurses what does all the readings in the monitor means… the nurse looked at the reading and told us that dad’s BP is abnormal. Likelihood, he will pass on in few hrs time.

My heart was saddened… but I do hope for a miracle. Mum was tired and requested that I sent her home and bring her back after she napped.

When I reached home, I called Jac and she told me that my dad’s BP had improved… his breathing was more regular. I was surprised but thankful for it… I prayed that God will heal him and give his normal BP and wake up to testify that he met God.

I returned to hospital after mom had her nap… when I was there… dad’s BP was 120/50, it was rather normal… another miracle had happened… Praise God.

I am still praying that God will heal my dad’s affected brain stem completely so that he can wake up… and speak of God’s goodness to everyone.

When we left at 8plus, dad’s condition was still quite stable… I am praying it will remain as it is… so that I can talk to the doc tmr and ask what is the next step since he is still breathing normally and his BP is normal.

I am praying for a miracle… pls continue to pray alongside with us for our dad.

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