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World greatest dad

Today is Father’s Day… it shld be a day of celebration for many. However, it is not so for me. My dad passed away on 31st May 2010 at 6:47am.

I miss my dad badly… It doesn’t feel like my dad had left us… I still couldn’t believe he is gone. I had yet to create many more great memories with him.

My dad was suppose to be technically 8th in the family of 12. During the WW2, his eldest sister was killed by the Japanese and his 2nd brother was killed by the Japanese bombing. Therefore my grandmother decided to re-number my 3rd uncle to be no. 1; hence, dad became 6th in the remaining 10.

Dad was bored on 4th Feb 1943 during the Japanese occupation, life was hard for my grandparents as well as my other uncles. Thank God that my uncles weren’t killed by the Japanese since we know in our history textbooks that the Japanese killed almost all able men who seems to be a threat to them.

While most of us are preparing ourselves to preschool, dad was had to help take care of the younger siblings. He was a brilliant boy but wasn’t given a chance to study because my grandparents didn’t have alot of money. At a tender age of 12, dad had to start looking for work to supplement the household expenses. He was working as a kopi boy for awhile, thereafter he employed to sell aquarium fishes that didn’t work out too long. He moved on to any other jobs he could laid his hands on. Life was tremendously tough, food was barely enough for everyone. Things progress on and things got better till a point they could afford to have snacks… I remembered my dad told me that Ah Ma bought home Rojak for everyone to share. She used her hairpin as a satay stick and gave specific instruction that everyone can only poke one piece of the you tiao on the hairpin at one time… Dad came out with a clever idea and poke a few piece at one go, after a few piece the hairpin was almost full of you tiao. Dad decided to have one last poke to maximize the pin but he poked it so hard that the pin went thru banana leaf and poked onto Ah Ma’s palm which was actually hold the whole packet of rojak… In her anger and pain, she slapped my dad so hard that he fell to the floor… everytime, dad told me about this he would laughed over it… I never know in the end did he managed to eat the you tiao…

When he was in his late teens or early 20s, someone approached him and asked if he was interested to know how to repair a motorbike. Of course he said yes to this rare opportunity, it changed his life ever since. Although dad was an illiterate, he was very good with his hands and had very good memories. The person demonstrated how to repair a part of the bike, dad was able to memorize and do the same most of time. As he got better he was able to repair a bike pretty fast. He progressed from small cylinder bike to heavy cylinder super bike. Not only he knew how to repair them, he was able to modify the whole bike to maximize its performance. From the engine to its exhaust pipes.

Since dad was so good, he was promoted to be a senior mechanic by then my dad already married and had us. He had an increment but he wanted to provide more for the family so he decided to work OT so his take home pay will be more. He would slogged to repair as many bikes as possible… many times he will refuse to eat unless he finished a certain part he determined himself to complete. Yes, dad was a perfectionist.

The company decided to gave him more exposure by roping him into serving and modifying for racing bikes. During this period, dad was always away from home because he had to in Malaysia to repair and modify the bike in the race tracks… Money was good but it robbed his time with the family. I did wished that dad will have more time with us.

Dad continued to in and out of Malaysia working very hard to provide for the family. His work finally paid off… one of the bikes that he modified in the 250cc categories won 1st position. I think dad was being gave monetary reward.

Few more years later, dad was sent to Japan to learn how to repair a golf cart which was unheard of those days that your company will send you overseas and with all expenses paid. Dad was away for a month plus when he returned he showed us with many toys and some gifts from Tokyo Disneyland. Unfortunately most of the toys already thew away by my mom though I insisted I wanted to keep them, even though they were spoilt. Because they were the best gift I received from dad.

Many years later, when I decided to asked Jac to be my girlfriend dad knew who this person was because I had already shown him a photo of her. I describe to him how she was like to every details of them. Dad trusted my judgment and the rest was history…

After 4 yrs of courtship, I told dad that I wanted to marry Jac and he gave me his blessings… I shared with him the initial plans and later on as we planned we need an ice cream cart and a page boy cart for the page dog who carried our wedding bands… dad made them all as gifts for our wedding… we were touched by his love esp Jac who felt that he loved her so much as his own daughter to made it for us.

That day, for the first time in many years I witnessed dad had the brightest smile during my church wedding.
Dad's brightest smile

My dad is still the world greatest dad… I couldn’t ask for more… From an Asian conservative background, dad never utter I love you to my mom, my sister or me… but though his actions, he showed so much care and concern to us. His actions spoken that he loved us deeply and dearly…

I love you Dad… though you are no longer with us… You are deeply missed and you will always live in my heart. I know one day I will see you in heaven and we will continue talk about my life on earth while you are away.

Missing you dearly,
Your beloved son

P/S: I will continue to document our past memories together when I scanned all those old photos I have of you… love your son.

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  1. Wendy Ang
    June 21, 2010 at 5:06 pm


    very touching story, I could’nt help my tears from rolling..

  2. circepalace
    June 22, 2010 at 12:30 am

    Keep the posts coming. pictures speak a thousand words too!

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