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Technology savvy

Kids these days are so privilege to be exposed to technology… They are savvy with almost any gadgets that get into their hands. iPhone, iPad, Laptop, PSP, etc.

A 3yr old kid can ever teach you how to play PC interactive games… A primary sch kid can ever play DOTA and teach u about strategy to win e battle…

During my time, I only know how to play hide and seek, catching, one leg catching… If u have a rich neighbor and he is kind enough to share, u can play with his latest M.A.S.K collection.

My first encounter computer was when my fren brought to this gaming place where we have to pay $1 to play an hr computer game. The monitor will show this mostly black screen and green lines to form somehow look alike tanks that u are suppose to destroy. Yes, it is not full color high resolution monitor. It was fun but costly for a kid who pocket money was $1 a day. I had to skip my recess so that I can play that 1hr game.

Having a computer back then was a big time… No average parent can afford to buy it for his children to play at home.

When I first got my computer, dad had to think very hard whether it is wise to get it so that I don’t have to stay late in sch to do my projects in poly.

He finally paid $2k plus to get a pentium one 120mhz while some of peers were already having pentium one 166mhz desktop. I was overjoyed that I had my own computer instead of complaining mine wasn’t a latest. Because that cost my dad 2mths of his salary. 😦

Since young, dad always wanted to give his best to us as long as he can afford. I guess I learnt from dad to be contented with whatever I have and dun complain.

Every time, I encounter something or issue I will think about dad and wonder what will he think or response… Just like how he sees life, he is always pondering and usually response with wisdom.

I will rem e day dad gave me my 1st computer and told me that this was bought for me to work in the comfort of being at home. Not slog in sch and rush home before e last bus leaves.

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